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    Photography classes?

    If I was local I would tutor for a fee, although I'd recommend youtube tutorials, A book called "photography key concepts" by david bate. and for lighting tutorials look at the strobist blog, just google strobist and it'll pop up on the top of the search. Sorry I cant really help you...
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    Give away of old lenses

    right then, So who's next to give away stuff? I call dibbs on hasselblads and leicas ;)
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    Unofficial competition: Looking for a caption for this shot.

    Two turtles are in a bathtub. One turtle says to the other turtle "Hey, can you pass the soap". The other turtle says "what do you think I am, a toaster?"
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    OMG Dave needs a headshot right now! C & C please

    not bad at all, Although there is a halo around his head I believe? and like the above comments, slightly more top space if you shoot like this if not maybe shooting closer to go into the face rather than the suit. Thats my input GJ though :)
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    concert shots

    not bad, slightly grainy, But that generally comes with photographing at these events! (They love red lights way too damn much)
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    Collecting 35mm film slides.

    All slides are good slides here! Although chromes are pretty nice! heres another sweet slide i found
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    Art college questions(didn't know where to post this)

    I'm currently at a university in England studying photography. portfolio at the time (4 years ago) was just a hard copy, but digital can never hurt too. They just want to see how your eye works, so they obviously know you're not refined yet, so they don't expect that. interview process is also...
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    How often do you utilize photoshop, or another editing program?

    I go through a whole process. I will go out for a shoot, typically shoot 2 rolls of film or 60 odd digital images, i will then cull through them via my eye before scanning them in, and/or uploading them to lightroom, i will then star rate the images again to eliminate them down to around 10...
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    Who are your favorite photographers and why?

    I have so many, far too numerous to name, but here are a few of the greats. William Eggleston - unique perspective and eye for colour is unparalleled. Slim Aarons - creates beautiful photos which are always very iconic and brilliant. Martin Parr - Brilliant english photographer who focuses on...
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    Collecting 35mm film slides.

    viv is absolutely amazing! I can only wish I'll find another! :) - Webestang64, I may be setting up "35mmSlideCollective" with my local friend who also collects slides, We're going to upload images of these collected slides on a database(online website, a tumblr or something) to display and...
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    Collecting 35mm film slides.

    absolutely! sounds like a special project to me! I would of loved to scan loads of those! I'm currently scanning through mine on an epson v700 perfection. its perfect for 35mm slides! technology is immense!
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    Venting my Frustrations

    troll, lolol. you sir, got me. As for the image, I like it. still detect a slight halo-ing from the sky, did you dodge the image at all? I like it.
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    Hipster's Biker Bar

    I see, Good work! still though, if you use layers on photoshop you can change the blacks slightly, but nice job :) was there a colour version?
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    Enola- Model/MUA

    Good work.