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    Canon 20D is coming!

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    Random DSLR questions/thoughts

    not 100% accurate. Adorama sells a great adapter for $59 - I use a Nikon 24mm on a 10D (on ebay as I type) and 5D with this adapter.
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    Rolleiflex 2.8f help!

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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    thank y'all :D 1961-1964 da lag ich noch als Quark im Schaufenster... sorry guys, german insider-joke
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    Really pushing T-Max 400

    With Tri-X Diafine simply rocks... Neopan and Diafine - bah :puke-right: Right now, I'm doing a roll of Delta 3200 @1600 (dunno why, just love my Tri-X@1600 :roll: ) my last batch of Diafine lasted for a year(!) and I had to toss it only coz I was running out of solution A. The 15 year...
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    NYC Meet-Up Dates Poll

    Daniel, thanks for your message - if nothing gets in my way (work-wise) I'll meet with you guys. :mrgreen: I can't really recommend any (cheap/reasonable) places to stay - unfortunately our place is a typical Manhattan shoebox... but I have had tons of luck with in the...
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    Alt with PS

    curves are my main tool - here's what I did to improve the image: 1st copy and paste into PS (Photoshop that is) convert to RGB - mainly for the toning effect sharpening (unsharp mask) in 2 passes equally high amount and high radius for contrast (15%/15px in this case) 'normal' amounts...
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    street photography faq

    I'm glad it helps!
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    street photography faq

    For anybody interested in street photography - I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which answers many questions about street photography that appear regularly on the net. street photography faq
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    #1 is very nice - I dig the juxtaposition of the diagonal lines
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    a scene

    this is awesome (and I'm not into landscapes - go figure)
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    I walk the city many times, often for hours - a 'lucky' shot like this happens once every few months. Also I burn quite a bit of film - with this scene I had some time, so I shot maybe 10 frames. With many other shots I have an opportunity for a fraction of a second only. the daily grind...
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    lookin' for leads, you know :roll:
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant

    thank you - glad you guys and gals like it! here the technical Info: Leica M6 (TTL), 35mm Summicron, Tri-X@1600 dev'd in Diafine. shutter 1/500th at f11
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    Kids and Fire Hydrant