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    I'll be up for this - as soon as a firm date has been specified I would gladly go along. David
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    I like your mother very much

    Thank you very much for the congratulations :) David
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    That's it!! That definitely is it!! Thanks for that trip to nostalgia...what a tune!! Anyway, I ought to be retiring to bed soon. Far too much walking today with Pete and Steve. David
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    I must admit I was probably rattling on about personalities star signs last night a bit much.. but only because I knew it would annoy Steve and yourself a lot...:fangs: Haha! David
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    Hmm Pete has just told me that it could be Frankie goes to hollywood but I really do not know!!! David
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    A heads up!

    Well, I am pleased to say my clunky javascript/css/html based web site has now been replaced with a swish flash set up. I am still making a backup-html web site for those of us who do not have flash capabilities on our computers/browsers. Anyways, web site is still the same...
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    Reminds me of a song..I have now idea who did it at this present moment in time but it was something like 'Sexy Boy...' amongst other words - probably sometime in the 1990s... anyone can shed some light? Maybe Garbage? David
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    I like your mother very much

    dabe says Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    I like your mother very much

    Yes I am the David in question..and I had not tried this bloody awful wine before... so I am drinking to a new job and to the company of friends. Crikey I am a very fast typer owing to how quickly I typed this little paragraph out. David
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    The song title game

    Spirit - Bauhaus
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    Magnifying Glass - Amusing!

    Haha, definitely fun shots, made me laugh!! David
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    Fly me a river

    Nice close-up here! I do not believe I have ever managed to catch one of these blighters closeup. David
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    Little Blighters!

    hehe, nice capture here! David
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    Easter processions

    I like number four and number one. Especially number four. Great exposure in both cases and good captures. David
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    Anti war demo in London 15/03

    Good captures - the black and white really suits. David