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    Brand new here (advice on pics pls!)

    The biggest improvement I could suggest is the lighting. Most of these shots appear to be taken in the middle of the day. You will have more appealing lighting, shadows and coloration very early and very late in the day. The blue bridge pic has an overall cool bluish look. It would likely...
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    Colorado hiking questions

    I also recommend RMNP. If you do come down 24 you might check the Twin Lakes - Buena Vista area. Clear Creek Reservoir is a few miles south of Twin Lakes and north of Buena Vista. It's not that well known but you can easily drive back into some true Colorado high country that's not overrun with...
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    Aspens in the Fog

    Great work Lars. I'm in The Springs too.
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    Snow Still

    We have still been getting snow in Colorado Springs. Both of these were taken in the last few weeks.
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    Blue Hole

    My sweetie got me scuba lessons for Christmas. I was intending to get into scuba at 16 when I got too girl crazy so now over 35 years later I'm doing it. Had some difficulty with breathing in a too tight rented wetuit so I had to leave off the top. We went to a place in Santa Rosa, NM for the...
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    Difficult Lighting

    Trying to capture the soft, cold glow of the mountains at sunset. Resizing makes it even more difficult but here it is.
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    A nice walk this morning

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    Painted Look

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    Springs Panorama (132KB)

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    Midnight Moonlight

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    Carolina Dawn

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    I took my two grandsons camping at a state park near here last August. It was too hot for me, especially breaking camp at midday in over 100 degree weather with no shade. We generally had a great time, though, fishing, water skiing and "tubing" (being pulled by the boat while on a big float)...
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    Cool little spot

    I like the the third one the best but would prefer to see most or all of the bridge cropped. Maybe see more of the still lake surface. I agree the trees make it difficult.
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    September Snow

    Have not been on here for a LONG time. Thought I'd share a pic from mid september with a view of part of Garden of The Gods with Pikes Peak and some fresh snow in the background. This is in Colorado Springs, CO.
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    First pic post

    I agree, the color is better. Something about that rusty red against the greys.