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    "One Tree Hill"

    Stunner! Beautiful shot :)
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    October 2009 TPF Photo Challenge - "Abstract Art"

    Woot! Am looking forward to seeing everyones photos :)
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    Great year for mushrooms...

    the last mushroom image looks pretty. Wheres the smurfs? lol
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    A good example of Flash/non-flash usage.

    lol well done
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    Lake Tahoe Panoramics

    how the? haha, the third one is awesome. . . never seen one of those :P
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    Long exposures burning the sensor.

    The past few nights I have done star trails for at least an hour for each image (only two images taken per night, about an hour between each one), last night I did a two hour exposure and the camera is still alive lol. The temperature was around 20 degrees or 68 farenheit. Used a Canon 450D...
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    HDR Pictures; Please C&C

    some nice images, though they remind me of the pc game Far Cry.
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    July '09 Photo Challenge - "After Dark"

    MJI, check the second page of this topic and the answer is there :) You can submit older material, but the aim of this is to submit new material.
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    c&c please

    I quite like this shot and the angle you have gone from. One thing though that would be better would to get the second tower in the shot too, half of its cut off by the first tower. If you get what I mean, either capture just the first tower or both. :)
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    peace bridge Fort Erie ontario/ Buffalo New York

    This is great!, love the colours and the motion of the water. Nice composition too :)
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    The Sunlit Trail

    Very beautiful image Invisible, has the nice summer/spring warm tones and the dirt track is easy to see lol. How'd you get the sun to have even rays like that and in a perfect circle?
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    Hot Air Ballooning!

    wow man, these are really spectactular. 5 would be my favourite, just shows some perspective of height.
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    They are all beautiful Froggy! though a favourite would have to be the first one :)
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    Last Man Standing...

    Your first image is beautiful yet funny lol. Nice capture.
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    Just the Beast Under Your Bed

    awww, quite sad. a nice image though. love the lighting.