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    Digital signing - Sony starts in-camera

    Hmm, in-camera digital signing ... took them long enough. I work in the networking industry and this has been used for a while for software/firmware. Sony's Forgery-Proof Tech Adds Crypto Signature to Photos In-Camera
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    New SLR’s to collect

    Olympus never really got into AF SLR's.
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    Shot my first ever roll of film. Feedback would be very welcome

    Technically they are good ... what do you feel is lacking?
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    New SLR’s to collect

    Ah, I just remembered ... the Contax AX !!!. I remember when I encountered that camera I thought it was the greatest thing since slice bread ... the camera AF was in the body (film plane moved) so it could use any C/Y manual focus lens.
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    New SLR’s to collect

    Hmm, thinking back to the oldn' days ... first there was the Maxxum, then EOS, then well Nikon didn't use funky names F or N-something... and also Pentax, SF?.
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    Digitizing 4x5 negatives.

    Hmm, maybe shoot in RAW with software like Darktable or other one which I don't remember ... rawtherapee? ... and possibly not focused, use manual focus , better lens? You got focus peaking or magifier?
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    Digitizing 4x5 negatives.

    I was surprised to read that the camera shot had resolution loss of detail ... I would have thought for such a large neg it would be a problem ... though I have not tried to take a digital image of one of my large format negs, so I could be mistaken??
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    Digitizing 4x5 negatives.

    What camera are you using to shoot the neg?
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    Suggestion for vintage camera to carry in 1929 Ford

    I have had old bellows cameras that had what you describe. Was able to extend them without damage ... if the leather is brittle it would have cracked by now ... never had that happen even on very old bellows. Leather stuff I use is the same as when I was riding horses ... Lexol cleaner and...
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    Minolta-35 Lens Repair Question

    Pull off the flat black light baffle ring. The outter securing ring has two holes ... use a spanner and unscrew it. This will release the lens from the focus component. You can then really see the back cell ... the securing ring has two notches. Warning, on mine it was really really tight.
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    Minolta-35 Lens Repair Question

    Hmm, I will take a look at my 45 tomorrow ... as I don't think I tried the back of it.
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    Minolta-35 Lens Repair Question

    You mean you were able to unscrew the front cell ... yes simple part. Hmm, I have not taken the rear elements off ... but I am guessing they just need a spanning wrench.
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    Some kind of moth, and also wanting advice on macro photography

    That's pretty good for a zoom on a 3d printed extension tube. Don't know about the moth I can't really comment on bellows ... last time I had one was on a 4x5 Cambo ... but you should be able to get a cheap Maco lens in an F mount from any third party like Sigma, Tamron, Tokina ... etc. I...
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    Hardest Wildlife you have photographed

    Otters playing in the snow in Algonquin Park ... never got that shot. Wolves crossing a frozen lake in Algonquin Park ... only one poor shot my wife got on film and never seen again.
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    Craziest film stock you've seen

    Do not develop that with Holy Water ... and probably cannot be shot during daylight.