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    New here, need some help.

    My name is also Dylan! Yay party... Gimp is the best free editing software I know of.
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    New, would love advice

    Sam is the king of posting awesome links.
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    Older Camera vs Newer Camera

    Yes at 3.2 Megapixels the prints aren't going to be the best. If you buy something with 6+ then the prints will be better. I have no experience with the camera you were thinking about but the newer canon powershots are very good P&S's.
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    Magestic Destination C&C

    1. Can't see it. 2.The blown out background makes this picture... erm awkward. 3. I like it. Try this again but watch out for blown out whites! 4. agree w/ samanax. Different angle=much better picture. 5. My favorite. The only thing I don't like is the lighting :\
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    *** Fight Club *** Round 37 voting!

    This week wasn't good for me. I won't place :\. But it was all fun, and I will be back next week for another shot ;)
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    *** Fight Club *** Round 37 voting!

    1. This is me! - Mazzarooney 2. Fuzzy - CW Jones 3. Smooth - Mazzarooney 4. Out of Date- stockdogtta 5. Bribe - Mishele Voting was tricky with two pages and so many good entries!
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    *** Fight Club *** Round 37 today, 2 PM EST

    I'm a little late. Sorry computer troubles. 1. This is me 2.Fuzzy 3.Smooth (going down) 4.Out of date 5. Bribe
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    Fight Club Rules and Procedure (Updated 1/30/12)

    Comp is being sooo slow...
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    Couple Shots From The City

    #1 is good but the blown out clouds ruin it
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    Niece for C&C (4)

    too much of the same thing. Eye expressions are good but facial is all the same. Lighting is nothing special & her messy hair is distracting.
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    Tips on urban landscape/building?

    Oh and welcome to the forum! Please read the pact
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    Tips on urban landscape/building?

    If I go out and shoot 500 pictures I only end up editing and adoring 2-8 shots. Tips are always have your camera, wide lenses will be your friend, try to find different vantage points even if it is a bit scary (ask bitter jeweler, I just read his thread about lift bridges), have a 18-15mm & a...
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    late night inside shots.

    ISO 3200! Wow and very little noise? Something is very fishy....
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    Pros & Cons Of Buying on Ebay

    I, personally, wouldn't buy anything off of ebay unless it was from Cameta Camera. If you buy from others you may get gray market items and crap lenses and accessories.