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    Hi from Surrey in England

    Hi and welcome, nice to have you here :)
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    Purple Persuasion

    Breathtaking photo!! The colors are wonderful :) WOW!!
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    Goin' With The Flow

    Looks like you had fun!! Great photos :)
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    Love those orange legs!! Great shot :)
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    Trumpet vine and wild coreopsis

    1 Trumpet vine about to bloom 2 After if rained 3 Trumpet vine blooms 4 Wild flower coreopsis
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    My ten day tour of California.

    Excellent set of photos!! :)
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    Purple and Gold

    Beautiful colors :)
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    Met This Red Head

    Very pretty Red hot Poker :)
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    Light Trails. Critique welcome

    That is a beautiful shot! :)
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    Eye to eye, Mt. Rainier

    Beautiful set of photos!! Great work :)
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    The stream behind my parents house

    What a beautiful place :) Fantastic shot, love the water running down the rocks :)
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    Angus and Our House

    Angus has beautiful green eyes, and I like the first one of him, you have fantastic photos :) Enjoy them a lot :)
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    Working on a new swallow IF shot

    Awesome capture!! Colors are amazing :)
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    Quick zoo walk today

    I also like the first, it looks like he is enjoying getting his picture taken, I get the feeling he is sad in the second one. Excellent work :)
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    Electrified porcupine Herons

    Awesome shots, I like them all :) Great work :)