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    Fix my paw

    Best wishes, I always enjoy your flowers
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    Crooked Lake

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    Dunstanburgh Castle, in Northumberland (UK)

    Beautiful as always
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    Two from Loch Lomond, in Scotland

    Both are beautiful spots
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    Fishing off the rocks

    I agree beautiful sky
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    Crooked Lake

    And she was right, great looking rainbow
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    A Visit to the Zoo

    I think 3 is kind of neat
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    Moonlight Magic

    Great color
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    Autumn Heron

    Very nice
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    Waiting On A Photographer

    Awesome set, maybe he thought you where bringing lunch
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    More fall foliage from NH White Mtns - pic heavy

    You have some beautiful images
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    Moonlight And Shadows

    Beautifully done
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    Two misty sunrises on the Tuscan hills

    Beautiful images, the mist makes it seem dreamy for me.
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    Been busy.

    Very nice, it’s good to see some places let kids play sports.
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    Autumn On A Country Road

    Very nice