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    First "fashion" shoot. C&C

    The post, and light are lovely. I like the composition of # 1 especially. NOT digging the lips at all. Be mindful of truncating limbs at the joints.
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    What a ham.

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    Most recent session with Margaret

    Yeah....I suppose that happens when you use a soft box, huh?
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    Engagement Photos - C&C please

    Akimbo = cockeyed, off kilter, not straight. Yes, the bar table acts as a horizon line in this shot. It isn't a real horizon, but it is a table, something that one knows is a level surface, and it isn't level in the shot, and it calls attention to itself. Usually this is bothersome for me...
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    Engagement Photos - C&C please

    I didn't read everyone's replay, so forgive me if I repeat what others have already stated... 1. Not really digging it. The wall (which I think is pretty cool on its own) is a major distraction, and it lacks color contrast that would separate the couple and keep me focused on them. Also...
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    Most recent session with Margaret

    Margaret is by far my favorite model. I've posted photos of her here in the past, mostly art nudes that I had shot for classwork, and my own personal projects. She disappeared to the Philippines this summer, and when she returned I found that she had straightened her hair. I loved her curls...
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    Fall Fair Entries

    The person accepting the entries sounds like a douche. He should be dick punched...repeatedly. He should have simply accepted the entries without comment. To do otherwise is unprofessional. I've entered plenty of exhibits over the last few years, and often the person accepting the entry is...
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    Its just the moon...

    Yeah, I just noticed I didn't have it pulled out. That is actually 650mm @ f/8, not 1300mm I'll try again tomorrow at 1300 if the moon is out.
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    Its just the moon...

    It is just a shot of the moon, nothing terribly interesting, but I'm pleased with it. Like any photographer, I photograph the moon from time to time, and find trouble getting a good exposure, especially if there is anything else in the frame (like a city or landscape, or passing clouds. I...
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    Battle Creek

    Right downtown along the river. this was taken from MCamly street facing east. No star filter, just a long exposure, about 6 minutes.
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    Battle Creek

    I shot this one during Scott Kelby's 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk last July...
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    Skipping Stones

    I took my son to North Manitou Island recently for a week long camping/hiking trip. I shot this one while we were walking along the beach on the east side of the island. I was trying to get back to camp before night fall, but I couldn't resist taking advantage of the failing light. He is a...
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    Old Train Station

    Well, it isn't a train station anymore, but it is a cooler title than "restaurant"...which is what this old train station is now. Clara's on the River is one of the better restaurants in downtown Battle Creek. It is a nice thing to say, but frankly doesn't mean much as their simply aren't...
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    Beth (secret revealed)

    Maybe. Give it a try.