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    sea scape

    awesome shot, what planet is it from?
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    Insance Cliff Jump in Bermuda - first photo sequence

    Thanks MTV, things have changed since i last posted! Mleek thats what i thought a first but the more i stare at it the more i feel the giant gap needs to be filled.... ill try it out anyway and see if it helps... if you miss summer and want to see the video of this check out the edits below!
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    Insance Cliff Jump in Bermuda - first photo sequence

    here is my first ever photo sequence, my camera laged and skiped a frame right before he splashed... bummer. I am going to try and copy one of the stills of him, flip it and put it in the gap. do you think this is cheating...
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    Obey the law

    Dont tell me what to do!
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    My Photography

    The last one is awesome though you could try a different crop as suggested above. The others are just random pics with not much going for them (unless your puting the car on craislist).
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    Tractor... crits plz:)

    much better on the third one, i think this is better than the edits. Also the portrait composure doesnt work for this subject imo.
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    Cool night scene?

    Nice shot, but im not sure i agree w davor. For me the tree takes away from it since its blocking the firework, you have any with the fireworks above the tree?
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    It's Teusday, you should get away

    Forgot to keep this post going last tuesday, its been a long day and i could really get away...
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    A game changer for movies?

    here is an interesting comparison Pinkbike High Frames Per Second (fps) video: 50p vs 25p -
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    A few abstract escalator shots for C&C

    wow nice shots. Both the first and last shots are keepers imo
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    Dogs - C & C

    Good use of DOF and the exposre, composition focus looks good. The first three are pretty much the same but i like the guilty look in the first shot.
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    Doll's Head

    creepy but love the color, i agree with nay. croping it off center could improve it
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    Bar Brigade

    nice shots, im with everyone on liking the first the most. Its a good example of how breaking the 'rules' can add to a shot, simple but effective with interesting lines good DOF and the focus on the glasses is CRISP
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    Barong Dancer ( Bali )

    nice shot, good composition and love the color
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    Yellow flower c&c

    Welcome to TPF. Good use of depth of field to isolate the flower from the background on this, here are a few things that could have made this better to keep in mind for next time: - The focus is off (i think its on the green leaf bottom left?) and not on the yellow petals, make sure to get...