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    What a Find!

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    Back from a lil' vacation

    Hey I missed all you guys! How is everyone? I'm doing well...guess what!!! JASON PROPOSED:D :lovey: :heart: :lovey: :heart: It was a beautiful, romantic night:lovey: So the first question an engaged photographer has, long before, when, where, how....Who takes the photos? Hehe well, I...
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    the trampoline self portraits

    These are SO awesome! You guys have impeccable timing:D The last one is very funny:lmao:
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    somethings look better in red!

    that thing is HOT in any color!:lovey:
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    The day I met Superman!

    Umm this reminds me of another great shot we got that night, buuuut it might not be appropriate here:greenpbl: :lmao:
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    The day I met Superman!

    Ahhh you insulted superman! You're askin' for it! Thanks to everyone who thought it was funny. Glad you liked it:greenpbl:
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    The day I met Superman!

    Boyfriend took the photo! hehe
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    Dads, Grads, and Abs (stracts, that is) 11 photos

    These all totally rock! and...Yay class of 03':mrgreen:
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    Planes, planes and more planes oh and a helicopter (56k)

    Awesome flying object photos as always! Harriers are sure loud aren't they?:greenpbl:
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    victim #2!

    Hey I like your style for bridal portraits. Do you travel?:greenpbl:
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    first 'real' portrait session

    You did an incredible, amazing, fantastic job!:mrgreen: I never feel more joyful in my life than while I am photographing babies and children:) They are my everything. Ahhhh! I have to quit my job though, because I'm struggling financially:(
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    Love of my life

    Thank you so much Saulmur and Lensmeister! :) :hug:
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    Love of my life

    LOL I'll admit to being quite a bit lost here:lol:
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    Love of my life

    Ahhh I see. I guess this is going to take a lil research:greenpbl: thanks for the reply!