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    photography courses

    I also vote for CM courses - lots of CC without the pissing contests and mean spirited responses found on some boards (clears throat)!
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    Color or Black and White

    Wow, yeah it's not dirty glass - we live in a 63 year old house and that window just happens to have water stains on it.
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    Skin cc

    Howdy, this is my sweet niece. I think I have her skin color true to life but being uncalibrated I'm not sure how I did. Let me know what you think.
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    Color or Black and White

    I took this photo over Thanksgiving break while taking a photography workshop. Can you tell how thrilled my daughter is? I don't know why but I love the shot and I'm thinking of making a canvas. I just can't decide...color or B&W?
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    1st maternity shoot

    Thank you, I'll play around with the exposure sliders :) yeah for some reason I think I shot too fast and a lot of my shots needed to be straightened, I guess I didn't fully straighten that one out.
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    1st maternity shoot

    I agree, it was raining on and off that day.
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    1st maternity shoot

    I guess not knowing the family, that could be the assumption
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    1st maternity shoot

    Lol no it's a complicated situation so this was mom and sisters
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    1st maternity shoot

    CC welcome
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    Another portrait... improvement?

    I agree bounce your flash - in this environment I would use a shallow DOF (lower Fstop number) to blur the yuck background - also if you take the shot from slightly above him with him looking up at you that might have made for a more interesting portrait.
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    My son and some candid shots.

    I love #3!! He's so sweet!
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    Freedom of flying...

    Love this! Great job!
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    1st try with umbrellas and speed lights. (grandson)

    I am just learning about my speedlight so I can't CC much on technique but I will say I think your white balance looks great and his skin tone is very nice. Very nice catchlights as well.
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    A Girl Dancer

    She is beautiful! The BW conversion looks a little pink to me.
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    1st maternity shoot

    A family friend asked me to take some maternity portraits, let me know what you think...