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    Sienna - The Other Side - NSFW

    To me it feels like she is in a lineup if sorts. Just straight on. Don't get me wrong I could still stare at her for hours but the pose isn't the best this time. Thank you for sharing though.
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    NSFW: With this photo, I pop my NSFW cherry.

    Or the no socks with sandals Department, of which I fully support the ban of socks and sandals being worn in combination.
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    Never thought of that, thank you for putting things in a new perspective.
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    Raided Snerd's honey hole today.

    Those dust pits are called "wallows." It is like when a pig rolls around in mud to keep cool. If I remember correctly the Witchita Mts. also have longhorn steers.
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    Picked up the prints!!

    Those are so great!
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    My new toy!

    Awesome! I am amazed at how stable that thing seems to stay while in flight.
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    Catching Up ***Possible NSFW****

    I have missed you Trevor! I was "this" close to starting a thread about it. We're these also shot at your new studio?
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    In the lake district again

    I find the up close bush in the foreground distracting in number one. Otherwise I like the color versions better than the black and whites.
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    Top of the Rock – Manhattan, NY

    Dont worry. That area on the right is also a distraction for me. Otherwise nicely done.
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    So darn precious!
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    Hi from Seattle! :-)

    Welcome to TPF from the other side of the mountains.
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    Photo Bombing Horse

    They are not the same. The first one is definitely funny but the second on is better composed as you don't have a fence line running through the horses nose on that one.
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    I'm a Polaroid Junkie

    Awesome work. It sounds like it might get hectic but make sure you enjoy the moment.
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    Photo Bombed

    Perfect example of a photobomb as the intended subject is caught completely unaware. Pretty neat, thanks for sharing.