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    Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Released

    Anybody feel the improvements are worth the upgrade to 2.0? I installed the beta version and that it was pretty good but didn't spend too much time with it. So, thought I'd seek input. Thanks for any input. :)
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    Laptop shopping!

    My 1st choice is always OS X. However, if I didn't buy Apple, I'd definitely go with Lenovo. Heard tons of good stuff about them.
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    YOU and YOUR camera!

    Heck, no need to be bored... go grab that cam and shoot some pictures. :)
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    Birds with New Lens

    I got my 150-500mm Sigma today. And so, I had to go out and take some pictures. Here is what I got so far. :) 1) Seagull 2) Cardinal 3) Cardinal Here some more flying things: 4) Washington National Airport 5) Washington National Airport
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    So I found out why you might *not* want your D300 in 14bit mode...

    If you upgrade to 1.03, a review of that would be nice, too! :)
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    So I found out why you might *not* want your D300 in 14bit mode...

    I just read on a FLickr D300 group that with the Nikon D300 1.03 firmware update, this delay is gone. Also read that there have been focusing improvements.
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    What is YOUR favorite lens in your posession?

    Nikon 18-200. However, I hope it is going to be the Sigma 150-500 I just ordered.
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    Extender for Sigma 150-500?

    So, I finally found a Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 AF APO DG OS HSM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras on Amazon for sale and am getting it on Friday. :) I want to buy a 2x extender from Sigma for it. But am not quite sure of the implications. I've read elsewhere that one looses AF...
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    #2 doesn't do it for me but the other ones are great shots. Love the mood.
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    Some mod.....

    Only a couple of posts shy of 27k! :)
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    Kingston CF card deals

    I received mine yesterday with the flash drive. :)
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    I love my country

    Great shot. And, I too love your country. Beautiful land and beautiful people. :)
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    Ok, I'm just gonna come out and say it...

    If I found one that I wanted and if it cost what I was willing to pay, then yes, I would buy it.
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    Fed up with this

    Yeah, since I am on the do not call list, I don't receive these anymore and haven't in years. :)
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    Another Composite Image (its a good one =P)

    Great job. Would like to see you make one where you are interacting with yourself. And, if it helps any, consider it a challenge! LOL