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    Venice Sunset

    The sky is overexposed and the lifeguard shacks are underexposed and soft. I like what you were going after but it seems that the execution was slightly off.
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    Wrestling between 70-200mm 4L IS, 135mm 2L and 100mm 2.8L Macro IS

    One big difference between our situations is that the 6d shows very little noise even at high ISO, so F4 on the 70-200 is probably just fine. The DOF is the only thing that would be holding you back from some more portraiture-ish shots.
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    Lens with very close focal length

    Your looking for the ratio 1:1 is what you're likely looking for regardless of the distance of the subject from the lens. A 150mm macro will create a 1:1 rendition but the subject will be further from the lens so you have a better chance of not disturbing whatever you are photographing. The...
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    Wrestling between 70-200mm 4L IS, 135mm 2L and 100mm 2.8L Macro IS

    I am in a similar predicament. 5D with the long end being 70mm. If you shoot outdoor scenery right now I would go with the 70-200mm f4 IS. You'll get much more out of it. You'll also be able to use if for your daughters activities and have the ability to zoom to frame images better. The...
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    Polarizer for eye detail?

    wow.... very cool.
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    Polarizer for eye detail?

    yeah he is only a few months old. The led shows through the lens well enough to get him to look, and i'm not coordinated enough to shine the light and hit the shutter at the same time so i shouldnt impact the exposure with the light there. Thanks everyone for the comments and great links...
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    Equatorial mount recommendation?

    pgriz that looks like a great solution. I am going to keep looking to see what the competition offers but that is basically the package i am looking for.
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    Equatorial mount recommendation?

    My budget certainly isnt $10,000 probably $150 to $200 tops. i'll check out the link pgriz...
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    Equatorial mount recommendation?

    Looking for a decent equatorial mount for astrophotography. Ideally i can bring it with me backpacking, so small is a must. Doesnt need to track at 200mm, just good enough for some wide angle starscapes or to bring out some more detail in the milkyway. Thanks for the time and help.
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    Polarizer for eye detail?

    i'll be using a yonguno strobe behind an umbrella for the lighting. I dont want super super close up, aka macro. but something where you can see more of the soul and emotion of the person... via the eyes. It's for my baby boy and i am trying to capture his stare into the lens. The other trick...
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    Polarizer for eye detail?

    I'd like to take some close up portraits and get some extra detail in the eye for a bit more intimacy.... has anyone used a polarizer for this?
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    Cadillac Ranch

    Some nice long shadows would make for a great shot on the row of cars.
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    Night shot

    What is the point, what are you trying to express with this picture? Do you just like this point of view and the lights on either side or something? I am having a hard time grasping what you are trying to do here as well.
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    Sunday drive No mans land

    i like the new crop, the dark object in the foreground kept pulling my eyes.
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    Picture of my dog

    Great edit. The warm makes a huge difference. Wouldn't have thought of it. Yep OES. Amazing breed. If he wasn't shaved down the picture would be of a fur ball covered with sticks, leaves and burrs running toward the camera. Really appreciate all the comments and time you took to make and...