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    October 2019 Photo of the Month Winner

    Congrats on the win and on the really nice image that you created.
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    Tuesday's Heron!

    Much better I think!
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    Silky Smooth Sunset

    That is silky smooth!
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    Iceland- October 2019

    Very nice photos and they make me want to go on a trip over there... so thanks for that! lol
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    Glacial erratic sunrise

    Lovely photo.
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    Tuesday's Heron!

    Nice shot, I really like the ghostly reflection! I would crop out the rock on the left as it distracts from the great subject you have in the center of the frame.
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    Blue Heron vs Blue Dragonfly

    Cool captures.
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    Red Kite

    Very nice shot Jeff. I like the tight crop and of course the backlighting coming through the fathers.
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    Few Shots From The Jersey Shore....

    Sadly, that it is the way it is. Time marches on and we fall behind.
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    September 2019 Photo of the Month Winner

    Congrats Kris, this is a really great photo.
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    Great photos everyone. Here are a few of mine from years past...
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    A Day Late

    Ah, Gotcha. I might have to add some of my shots in that thread.
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    Rigged automotive shots

    I have done shots from the back of a truck, but they don't compare at all too this method.
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    A Day Late

    If you posted a pic in that last comment, I can't see it. But I concur that at 600mm, there is not much you can do if it is not on a tripod. Even the Canon IS lenses have that internal movement when you initiate the shutter release button. It does take a while to get used to. In the early...
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    Pixmedics Photo Contest XV - "In Motion"

    Thanks for running this contest. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the entries. Here is mine. Array #5 of the VLA tracking deep space objects