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    I'm finding photography purposeless.

    Indeed, I’m 71 & have been using a camera and associated technology to make or take photographs since the late 60’s. And, my wife & others are unlikely to show unprompted interest in “my” photographs. Regardless, I do it for the enjoyment of a long-time avocation—for me. Have ever enjoyed...
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    What is a good lens for indoor panographic shots?

    If “grainy” means “lacking fine detail” then it sounds like you need to work with the *sharpest* lens you can find—which will take some research/advice/testing—in a focal length as wide (but ~distortion-free) as practical $$-wise. ==> Sharpness 1st; Wideness 2nd. <== After finding the lens, it...
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    Shots of Downtown

    To help “see in B&W” remember that tones representing “colors” do not have the same visual contrast as the original colors; that’s where all the (old) “color filters for B&W” help. • If you are shooting B&W Film, you probably have some of those “Wratten”filters already: various...
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    The ISO argument

    In general, people seem to tolerate noisy/muddy shadows more than blown-out highlights; so, shooting digital is more like shooting slide-film than print-film: if in doubt then (slightly!) adjust to underexpose, don't adjust to overexpose. If that bothers you, then bracket your settings until...
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    Nikon D700 not showing on CS3

    Congrats on acquiring your D700! You will love ISO 1600 (if not 3200+)!!!! About the two (related?) issues, here, = 1) camera<==>Mac/Finder connectivity, and = 2) PhotoShop (.NEF file) processing, I would suggest the following. ===>1) Use an external (high-speed/USB 2.0) CF card reader...