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    Gear upgrade - Help!

    Oops I should have said what the actual issue was! Its what AstroNikon said, Its the poor focus on the 70-300mm VR. Pinned it on that. It throws the focus back. Thanks for reassuring me I don't need to upgrade the body just yet! was getting a bit worried about the money I was needing to part...
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    Opinions on GoPro pics

    I love GoPros! These are awesome!!
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    Gear upgrade - Help!

    Hi team, Quite desperately need to upgrade my gear. Bit of background - I shoot predominately equestrian sports and I've found over the last year I seem to be deleting a lot more photos than I use to! Not sure if this is a lens or a body issue and both are fairly old. I shoot with a Nikon D7000...
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    Amazing Landscape site

    Some are nice! I found A LOT over edited/saturated and didnt like the use of the poorly done HDR in some of them :)
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    Newbie needs help please

    Cant really go past Facebook for gaining initial interest I think! Or Flickr? 500px? Or a blog such a Tumblr etc? even a pinterest board, all of these social media images with links back to your website - if you have one :) The more the merrier, just get your name out there!
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    Website Critique

    Thank you everyone! You've pointed out majority of the things I dislike too and a lot that I had never even considered! - Like the order of the navigation links AceCo55 - I never realised it was in a weird order until you pointed it out!! Have made some some small changes but will do some...
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    Website Critique

    Hi guys! After a bit of website Critique Specifically in areas of: Is it easy to use/navigate? Is it easy to buy an event photo? Is it easy to buy Original art/prints? Anything else much appreciated!!
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    New Website Layout- Suggestions, Comments CC all welcome!

    I agree in change the font. Also all of this "Cromwell Photographer | Otago Photographer | Affordable Photographer | Family Photographer | Pregnancy | Newborns | Babies | Children | Business Portfolio | Wedding Photographer | Small Weddings | Affordable Natural Photography | Boudoir Photography...
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    How are these processed?

    I'm not usually a fan of flower photos but those are amazing!
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    How to watermark?!

    Just watermark when exporting in Lightroom? Isnt that the easiest way...
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    I used Redframe :)
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    Editing Style

    Just a different point of view: I'm a sports photographer and I have a lightroom preset for all my event images (Such as my DP) - I still through them one by one and tweak them but they all still get the preset and a base edit :)
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    Cool Locations to Shoot in Your Own Backyard...

    Just a thought: But some photographers might not want to share their awesome locations they have found and have others recreate their photos
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    50 Shades of Purple?!

    Sweet googled how to remove it on Lightroom - looks easy enough!! Cheers, guys!
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    50 Shades of Purple?!

    Hi all! I seem to come and go from this site - Have a quick question - Whats causes this purple halo around the rider, often its not there but sometimes it is when nothing changes in terms of settings etc Shot with a D7000 and a 70-300mm VR - could this play a part or is it something else? (Im...