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    Ten Tors 2011

    Some pictures from the recent 2011 Ten Tors event in Devon, England. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) Having fun in the Sea King helicopter!
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    What i do now...

    Nice man :D I feel the need to get back on this forum a bit! Gona find some pics to post up
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    Devonport Protest [UK]

    Protest against Devonport dockyard being used to house nuclear subs. Taken a month or so ago. Demonstrators superglued their hands together and chained themselves together, blocking the main routes in and out of the dockyard. Here are a few shots: 1.) Devonport, Plymouth. Demonstration...
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    Lense recomendation for sports photos

    yeah above posts are good shouts. I would usually carry a 300 with me and a teleconverter.
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    Amsterdam Squatters Riot 01/10/2010

    Hi everyone, A few images of the riot that broke out after the protest. Squatters were protesting in Amsterdam about the new anti squatting law that came into effect on 01/10/2010, making the act of squatting a building illegal. 1.) Amsterdam Squatters Protest 01/10/2010 by David...
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    One Mile Sea Swim

    Cheers! No protection used, just was very careful and made sure the lens was dry after. Yep got them published in the local paper, so all worth while! :D
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    One Mile Sea Swim

    An event I covered, a sponsored one mile sea swim. Guy who came first did it in about 13 mins! Pretty impressive I thought! Shots of people at the start are them getting used to the water. Hats off to the guy running in without a wetsuit, he came 2nd! 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.)...
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    This site is falling apart..

    But it is always nice when you find that 10% where it really is a great photo. There are some contributors on the site that really do have some talent. And hopefully other people can learn things off them. :D
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    It does work as a silhouette, but I agree with the above comments, get rid of that bottom right distraction
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    Should I do it?

    oh dear :D
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    ..:: Dark Forest Panorama ::..

    Like the black and white version more myself. The tones really work in it. Having said this, love the greens in the colour version. I guess it depends on what mood you want to go for :D
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    I bid you Farewell......

    Good luck mate! Keep snapping :D
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    EF 70-200mm F/4 USM - Updating anytime soon?

    Not sure on how likely it is they will release a new one. But to be honest it would be a massive improvement I recon. If anything, I would still go for that one, as it will no doubt go down in price if they do release one.
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    Learning to find the right angle

    Really like the colours and the focus and i think the vignette works well. I think it works well as not being really close up macro - shows your more of the flowers.
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    What a great introduction :D Welcome to TPF, hope you enjoy it here!