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    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo I like it so much Its subjective I know but I like most framed images But thanks for stopping by and commenting and that goes for guppyman and shahanaPinky
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    Can anyone identify this?

    It looks very suspiciously like a young lady bird (bug) larve
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    brain seize of course it is a grass hopper
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    Black tailed skimmer dragonfly

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    hover fly diving in

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    Aphid exuviae

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    Common blue resting

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    Small skipper

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    Common blue

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    O teu pai é careca ?

    love dandilion heads Little niggle I think the focusing should have been more on the center or the outer rather than between
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    closer would have been better Its more about the flowers than the insects
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    World of Ants,bugs,bees

    No3 for me Looks like he is ready for a dive I would have cropped to bring him closer