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    It took about 5 hours give or take a little, there were a lot of people standing around it.
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    Here are a few pics from our sandcastle. No editing on these photos. Comments welcome please 1. 2 3.
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    Mount Diablo

    I don't know much about hdr, but i think the hills and the greens came out nice
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    Lincoln Cathedral

    Thats really cool, It has a nice feeling
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    Siskin - The Charming Little Finch

    Beautiful finch, and picture. #1 is definately my favorite with the yellow on the birds head, and the clear view of the little cones
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    Tree Skin and Snowdrops

    I really enjoy textures, and the light hitting the tree bark like that is really nice.
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    Little Brown Cabin in the Woods

    I really enjoy the colors that you have in this shot.
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    Couple of recent shots

    I really enjoy the angles the ramp make in #1.
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    "This Afternoon on the Pier"

    I like this picture. I took a look at the rest of the series, and really enjoyed the other two beach shots.
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    The Knob

    #6 is definately my favorive, A lot of nice shots there.
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    Action sports

    Here are a couple pictures for a ride sesson back in November. Please CC if you want. 1. Wheely Drop 2. Log Ride
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    Tripod thoughts

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this tripod, and maybe some suggestions. Im not worried about weight or anything so much but more about stability i guess. DynaTran™ AT-3002 Performance Series tripod Or the brand in general.
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    The Winter World of Plitvice (Croatia) II

    I would have to go with 1, 3, and 5. 5 being my fav.
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    Fresh Snowfall

    #3 was never touched that's just how it came out
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    Wow i love the colors they are very vibrant, and the texture of the coastline.