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    What is the best beginner camera - a test!

    No problem. Consider me pulled out. Obviously opinions contrary to the forum norm aren't welcome here. I'll spend my time elsewhere.
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    What is the best beginner camera - a test!

    Sorry Derrel, your logic is faulty. Any car will do for learning how to drive. I learned on a Riley which had a stick shift. Shoes don't have a learning curve. Everybody knows how to use them. Also you make an assumption that I recommend spending as little as possible on beginner camera...
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    What is the best beginner camera - a test!

    Derrel, you are far too hung up on equipment. Equipment is a collection of tools for the photographer. What the beginner needs is a camera that provides for adjustable aperture, shutter speed and focus. You can add more capability to include more photographic subjects and techniques to the...
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    Quick question on DOF calculator

    It is the photographer who is making the image. The photographer's perception of acceptable sharpness is the only one that matters. If a client is involved then it is acceptable to create multiple images and allow the client to communicate a preference. Otherwise, it is up to the photographer.
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    The RAW v jpeg debate continues - over my head

    Raw allows for more editing with fewer consequences than JPG simply because there is no data compression. Reality is that the fuji JPG engine is outstanding and provides enough data to fulfill almost every photographic need. If you do a lot of editing the raw file will serve you better. If...
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    Back to Basics

    Try going out with a single lens (not a zoom) and look for things to photograph things appropriate to the lens. As an example, I enjoy going out with super wide angle or even a full frame fisheye and getting really close to my subjects. It's fun and you may come home with some great images.
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    Is it wrong?

    Any interesting subject is the right subject.
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    Quick question on DOF calculator

    Depth of field is a measure of acceptable sharpness, not true sharpness. It is up to the photographer to determine what is acceptable. I'll take the monitor screen and a monitor magnifier every time over a table. Cameras do have DOF preview. It is that little screen on the back of the camera.
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    What is the best beginner camera - a test!

    Give a $5000 camera to a rank beginner and a $389 camera to talented creative phographer and send them out for a day of shooting. Take a guess at who will return with the best images. I didn't say every camera can do everything. I said the camera one uses isn't the reason for the quality or...
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    Should I Buy the Fuji 35mm f2?

    Another option is the Zeiss Touit 32mm f1.8. It is every bit as good as the Fuji lenses and will keep you from buying the exact same focal length a second time. It is the "normal" lens I use and I can recommend it without issue.
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    Auto and f stops.

    We sometimes lose sight of the fact that true sharpness occurs at only one plane. Areas of the subject that are not at that plane can only be acceptably sharp, never perfectly sharp. I recommend using the monitor on your camera to see the depth of field directly. You are the one who decides...
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    Telephoto Lens Value

    Look at the front of the lens and copy the brand name and focal length/maximum aperture. Then go check to see if any are available on Ebay. It there are any, that is your guidance.
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    Fuji X-M1

    Having the ability to adapt older manual lenses is one of the fun capabilities of mirrorless cameras. My Zeiss 300mm f4 makes stunning images. I never owned a Yashica lens before I bought an 80-200 zoom lens on Ebay for a song. It is the sharpest 80-200 I have ever used and I have used some...
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    Suggestions wanted: reunion/party informal portrait lighting

    If I had your mission I would simply take a portable TTL flash unit and extension cable. You should get satisfactory lighting for your purpose with bounce flash assuming the ceilings aren't too high. Your definition was informal portrait. Those portraits will be more effective if they are...
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    Blurry Photos on Canon 5D Mark 1

    He should be able to use aperture priority metering with the camera. Of course there is no auto focus capability in the lens so the blurry is likely due to inaccurate focus. Motion blur is another possible cause.