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    Good Nikon Beginner Lens for Shooting Portraits?

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Like the others said, the 50mm 1.8G would be great. Dispite the fact that it doesn't auto focus it's still a magnificent lens. As Mike Tyson would say, "I take my hand off to him" (well it) It's never a bad thing to learn to use manual focus.
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    Heyy I got a sharp shot of an insect :)

    Don't you?? Great shot! Wasn't expecting that when I read the title for some reason lmao!:lmao: Yeah you REALLY need to wash your car bro. XD
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    I'm the best Photographer ever. My camera is completely manual!

    I totally didn't change anything. I couldn't help myself......:biglaugh:
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    HI IM NEW!!!

    Hey how you doin. I see you shoot with the Iphone. Check this out lol.
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    Iphone Fashion Photoshoot - AMAZING!

    Omg dude I just died of laughter when he said "Dude, this can't even shoot RAW!" That's going to my sig right now!!!
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    A Shot of Little Italy

    Yeah the second is warmer. And whoa! That's way mare than I expected from a camera phone.
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    No he's not. She sounds like a *****! :lmao::lmao::lmao: Can you get a copy of these pictures? Must see. Not only are the camera's disposable, so are the pictures they're getting. :lmao:
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    Good amateur entry level DSLR?

    Look for a used D40 or somehting. Fun, cheap, and easy to use.
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    A Shot of Little Italy

    Nothing to special. Don't really know what to look at. The second one is warmer. :meh:
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    :lmao::clap::biglaugh: As for the camera question...what is a floater?? Dust??? :confused:
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    Knife people???

    lol nice. What blades you got?
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    Knife people???

    I'm on a knife forum and they have a nice section set aside for photography! A lot of these guys are big into photography too, I just thought that was really cool. So my questions is who here is big into knives as well as photography?? Hell and what other hobbies does everyone have...
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    Watch your back (FAIL)

    I think that's in the wrong order. Should be: a) OMG THE CAMERAS! b) embarrassing as hell. c) it's amazing he didn't crack his head open on the stone. :lmao:
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    modern art.....????hmmm

    ok, I didn't read anything. I just opened this page and saw two big breasts looking at me.