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    D810 Successor Wishlist

    I expected a new announcement from Nikon to replace this D810 during the Photokina but nothing for the time. I need a new DSLR specially for studio portrait and the next D850 or... should do the job :)
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    Realtor: need advice

    Hi, I'm doing sometime this kind of pictures and I'm fully agree with goodguy on the way to proceed. Other point: take attention on what you want sell, in your first picture, a tree is making your photo unreadable. If you want sell the house, put the house as the key subject and not the tree ;).
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    Looking for training - wedding and portrait photography

    Hello, I'm looking for a training for professional photographer with a good level and a price < 2500$ To be fully honest, I'm loving the work done by Roberto Valenzuela or Jerry Ghionis but in France it's a pain to find someone giving the same level of training :icon_sad: Which...
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    Hello from France :)

    "Who else thought of the Cone Heads when they saw "from France"? ":Clown: :icon_mrgreen: Very old movie and you right (good memory) : "Where do you come ? France, I come from France" :clap:
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    Hello from France :)

    Thank you !! :1247:
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    Hello from France :)

    Hello, my name is Franck, I'm living in south of France, near from Nice :1247:. I'm giving photography lessons for free outside business hours through a non-for-profit association, it's still a pleasure to share photography with people. Today, I'm working part-time as profesionnal...