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    Can't seem to wrap my head around color chems

    Haha, good call. Apparently I didn't wear my common sense today. I think I've figured out my confusion with the Kodak chemicals. Thanks for your help.
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    Can't seem to wrap my head around color chems

    Are the color chemicals reusable? $34 for a 1 qt. E-6 kit doesn't seem to make sense when I need 18 ounces for one roll of 120. I know B&W chems are reusable, and even the developer can be reused once. Is this true for color as well? Thanks for the Freestyle links, BTW. I hadn't even thought of...
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    RB67 Owners: Mirror Lock-Up Issue

    Woops, looks like I missed whatever Paul edited out :( BTW I've temporarily solved the problem by buying a 90mm, haha.
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    Can't seem to wrap my head around color chems

    So I've been developing my own B&W film for years now, and I feel it's time to move onto color processes. Thing is, I can't figure out what exactly I need to buy for chemicals. I'm interested in both E-6 and C-41. If someone could give me a list of things I new for one or the other (or both!)...
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    RB67 Owners: Mirror Lock-Up Issue

    50mm f/4.5, non-C Weird thing is I've shot a couple rolls with it, and they've all come out pretty well. Any idea how much a CLA would cost?
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    RB67 Owners: Mirror Lock-Up Issue

    Alright so, just fired off a bunch of shots, looking through the back of the camera. I looks like the shutter is trying to close, but can't quite make it. Sometimes it makes it all the way down to a pinhole, most of the time it gets stuck halfway. So I'm guessing it needs a CLA. I'm gonna run...
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    RB67 Owners: Mirror Lock-Up Issue

    Alright thanks a lot. I'll try that out tonight.
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    RB67 Owners: Mirror Lock-Up Issue

    How do I fire the lens off camera? I tried using the release cable where it usually goes and the lens doesn't fire. Yes, the knob is set to M.
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    RB67 Owners: Mirror Lock-Up Issue

    I'm using two separate shutter release cables to use the mirror lock up, and I'm having an issue. Here's what I'm doing: Release cable into the lens, release cable into the shutter release on the camera body. I first activate the release on the body, and the mirror goes up. I then activate...
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    $29,000 24K Gold Leica Anyone?!?

    Around here, most of the Chinese take-out places are run by people from Vietnam. So you may be in the clear!
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    CS4 very slow and laggy.

    Your specs are fine. I would guess there is a corrupt file somewhere or something. Maybe try uninstalling it and installing it again.
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    Why not square?

    Probably because it's easier to move your hand a little bit than to crop every single image you shoot. You're also wasting a lot of your image plane by doing what you suggest. Some 6x7 medium format cameras have revolving backs, so instead of rotating the camera you just rotate the film back...
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    Taking the plunge on the D90.... Now what lens?!!?!?

    Both the 18-55 and the 18-105 are kit lenses (probably what you mean by stock). The 18-55 is low-end zoom, and the 18-105 is more of a mid-range zoom in terms of quality. Both lenses are capable of taking fine photographs, though they have their limitations (particularly slow apertures).
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    Is Lens IS worth it?

    Older IS systems, like EG's 28-135 are supposed to give an extra 2 or 3 stops. I'm sure newer IS systems will do even better than that.