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    Why does sadness inspire art.

    Sadness is an emotion, and as such can drive or inspire creativity. Why wouldn't it be considered art if one were to feel sadness towards the unfair suffering of some group and be able to use that emotional energy as a springboard to create a work that when looked at by others, causes them to...
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    Daily long walks bag advice shoulder bag or backpack?

    +1 on the f3 Bhop. I keep mine in the car all the time. I carry other bags ( usually either the Domke f2 or the Billy Packington ) to work and such because I have a lot of junk. But when I am ready to go on a photo-walk of I'll stuff my camera, lens, wallet,phone, cards,food,water, meds etc...
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    The Mirrorless Crap...

    Agree. Many of us don't want to take a picture at arms length and have become accustomed to the viewfinder as a means of composing, and also as a means of anchoring the camera for slow shutter speeds. EVIL has accomplished all of that and more, in a smaller size. Now you can choose to get...
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    How do you get better at photography?

    I've been obsessed with photography since I started in 2008. I remember reading early on to look at other's work, and your own, and attempt to understand what about it makes you like or dislike it. Well after doing that for 4 years I am just now starting to be able to actually do that and have...
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    Am I being sued?!!!????

    God, what a depressing article. Call me the ugly photographer if you want, but I don't intend to pollute my brain with that kind of stuff. I'd sooner throw my camera in the trash than have to constantly be looking around to see whose copyright I may be violating, apparently just to even post it...
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    Am I being sued?!!!????

    Even though I am not a pro, I also will sell any photo I take if someone wants to buy it, and still only apply my two rules. It may yet never be an issue for me, because nobody is knocking down the doors to buy anything from me. :-)))
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    Am I being sued?!!!????

    I will stick with the simple: 1) Photo taken from public place 2) I am not using it as any advertisement, but just editorial. = I am safe from the retards and lawyers. I will continue to refuse to make my non-pro camera hobby into a complicated legal issue.
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    practiced my shots tonight need pointers and advice

    So 1 second to 9 second exposures without a tripod ??
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    Do you shoot during inclement weather?

    I love the atmosphere in bad weather. I will definitely shoot in it. But if it's actively raining or snowing anything more than a drizzle, then I won't shoot except from within a shelter. I've really only been out once in active rain, and that was during a kelby walk. The walk leader had plastic...
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    Video: Stopped for taking photos of white house

    Certainly if your SSN is on there, which I can't believe any state would do that, there would be more reason not to show it. I've had my stuff stolen off the internet, and honestly it doesn't bother me. I make a couple phone calls, charges get reversed, life is back to normal the next day. I...
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    Video: Stopped for taking photos of white house

    I am very glad that you aren't in any authority.
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    Video: Stopped for taking photos of white house

    comeon, it's not just that. Yea that may be this thread, but it's all over the place. People get harrassed by cops, feds and security personel for taking pictures of anything related to infrastucture. I watched one a week or two ago about the California cop threatening to put a guy on a terror...
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    Video: Stopped for taking photos of white house

    Many people have their ssn on their license. I don't anymore, but still. It's my personal info and it's mine. In the business I am in, ( IT ) there is a huge amount of money being spent to protect Personal Info. too easy for nasty hackers to steal your identity, your home etc... Giving my...
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    Video: Stopped for taking photos of white house

    This isn't like the good old days anymore. When anybody asks for my ID, I want to know why they want it and what they are going to do with the INFORMATION. Remember, my license is INFORMATION. Why should I have to provide it to the police ? What gives them the authority to "run" me and...