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    I lurrrve your work and I love this picture too. I don't want to sound like a foot creeper but the way she has her feet posed just really contributes to the feel of the image. LOVELY! Good job!!
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    Is it ok to keep a UV filter on, all the time?

    Wicked lens flare convinced me to take mine off. Lenses are designed to take some abuse, I co-sign on the lens hood suggestion if you're concerned about damage to the lens, but IMO extra glass in front of your glass is only a good idea if you truly truly NEED it (polarizer/ND filter) and after...
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    Not the usual Photos seen here, but...

    I don't know the "rules" of car photography, but I think that if your main point of focus is on a logo, the entire logo needs to be in focus, otherwise I'm not sure why we're being drawn to it. Also, if you're trying to feature a sponsor or brand, it looks better if even people who aren't...
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    First time out doing posed Male Portraiture for their modeling portfolio

    These are really good!, but the #2 Poo-in-the-woods pose isn't quite what I would call edgy lol.
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    Boudoir Weekend

    Last post made me sadface. :( So sorry to hear that about your client. She has some really lovely shots to hold onto though. These are all GORG. #3 just made me go, "uh, what kind of sexy things are going down in the garage?!" but cloning out the garage door opener would have probably saved it...
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    Lauren + Rick... my first wedding post on TPF

    #15 is one of my MOST HATED WEDDING SHOTS EVAR! Why do clients request this?? Good job all around, but man, I wouldn't be putting #15 in my portfolio lol.
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    RAZOR Sharp EYES

    Everyone else has explained the DoF rules well enough, I'll just add that good post processing technique can go a long way as well in sharpening eyes. Judicious use of an unsharp mask can add a lot to an in-focus picture. Just make sure you don't go too far with it, alien eyes aren't attractive...
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    Just a snapshot with some heavy editing for CC.....

    Cute! I like the feel of it (the colouring works for me). I know when you're playing around with your kids, you don't necessarily want the prettiest picture, but next time snatch that binky out before you snap! Pic would be 10x better!
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    CC , portraits of my son with my new lights

    Do you steam your muslin before you use it? I have an inexpensive hand steamer that I run over fabric backdrops after setting them up to take the wrinkles out. Depending on the material, that Downy "wrinkle releaser" works well too. Of course, you're not going to get perfectly smooth unless...
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    First prints from my first reel. Please C/C!

    Well, FWIW, I think you've succeeded in mostly fulfilling the assignment. If you're really talking about different lighting conditions, what we've got here are three outdoor shots, so you've got different variations of sunlight, but that's about it. If it was me, I would try to use your creative...
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    First prints from my first reel. Please C/C!

    They're nice. They're technically pretty good, but the subject matter is "meh". What were you hoping to achieve with these pictures?
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    Nice Bottom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks good to me, this is a much lovelier picture than I was expecting when I clicked on the title lol.
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    Family/Maternity Shoot C&C

    They're not TERRIBLE, but this is my suggestion- hit up flikr or Google "maternity portraits". Look at the ones you like the most, what do you notice first about them? Second? I will say this about your shots- every single one of them have hands on the belly. There is a way of conveying a...
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    Wedding Photographer prices.

    The photographer in my area that I would hire to do my wedding (if I was getting married) has a top end package around $35,000. I can't even go there on whether you should be doing a wedding for pay or not. I kinda loathe weddings so I charge a lot more to make up for the fact that I don't...
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    Where do you get your picture frames from?

    Uh, Wal-Mart. I've gotten some insanely good deals on clearance frames at Michael's, Kroger, Crafts 2000, basically anywhere there's a clearance section and a photo section. I pretty much only do wide black frames, but I'm toying with the idea of doing a "laundry line" sort of photo display in a...