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    I think they are well done as well. It's hard to compose a really compelling motocross shot. I've had trouble being granted access to motocross tracks. There are a lot of insurance issues involved. Just food for thought - I'm sure the riders would love to see these pics, if there is any way...
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    Garasaki's biking pics

    SI-1 SI-2 (I really like this one, although I struggle to pinpoint WHY) SI-3 SI-4 SI-5 SI-6 SI-7
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    Garasaki's biking pics

    I'm organizing a regular kids ride with the local crew. This time we worked on building a little bit of new trail! 7 DSC_2061 8 DSC_2059 9 DSC_2055 10 DSC_2050 11 DSC_2144 12 DSC_2124 13 DSC_2112 14 DSC_2094 15 DSC_2081 As we packed up to head home, the sky turned REALLY pretty!! 16...
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    Garasaki's biking pics

    I think (hope) it was just dust on the lens. I didn't notice while shooting but definitely noticed after processing! I probably could mitigate some of it. It was surprisingly dusty out, and I was downwind of the rider the whole time.
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    Garasaki's biking pics

    C/C is always welcome! It occurred to me that I should make a single thread for my bike pictures. So I'll be adding to this over time. Cottage Grove Bike Park (Minnesota) 1 DSC_2215 2 DSC_2222 3 DSC_2199 4 DSC_2172 5 DSC_2166 6 DSC_2156
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    I quite liked #2. The contrast between the sharp look of concentration on the players face, and the blurred components of the frame (hair, ball, and racket) give a great sense of intense concentration in motion. I'm sure the shooting conditions were tough (bright overhead sunlight and players...
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    March-April Winner (Smoke / Fire)

    Thanks!!!! It's an honor to be recognized.
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    Mountain Bike Shoot - Squaw Creek Enduro

    Thanks. That's a great point. Numbers added. Thank you for that. I agree, and usually do a decent job of avoiding that framing issue. Not so on that shot.
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    Mountain Bike Shoot - Squaw Creek Enduro

    C/C welcome!! Had a short window of time to grab some shots at this event. Continuing to prefer a wide angle lens and trying to pan - although a few shots with my 85mm. Of note, it was winter around here until about 3 days before this event!!! ;) 1 DSC_1543 2 DSC_1685 3 DSC_1662 4 DSC_1783 5...
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    Nikon 35mm f/1.8

    35mm * 1.5 (crop sensor factor) = 52.5 mm. The 35mm (on a crop sensor) is the modern equivalent of the "nifty fifty" which is traditionally an "everyman's lens" (or as someone else but it, it's everyone's first lens). I like prime lenses, personally. There's something that draws me into the...
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    Hockey: 2018.03.11 - Tulsa Oilers v Wichita Thunder

    Are you shooting these through the glass of the rink??
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    Witch lens (for Nikon DX) would you get?

    Good thread.....goooooood thread.
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    January-February Sm4Him Challenge Winner (Yellow)

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind words and it's pretty neat to win a photo contest on this forum, full of talented and technically savvy photographers! If anyone is interested in the backstory, this was my daughter around Christmas of 2016, she would have been 4 at the time. Every year...
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    Weekly challenge - #Filtered 3/3 - 3/9

    I don't have my original of this one handy, so I grabbed that off my facebook (hence some of the poor quality). I don't recall which recipe of stock PS filters I used there.