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    what are your go to lenses for traveling?

    24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200f/2.8
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    Memory Card Management and Travel?

    I was going to recommend a laptop or tablet to upload to the cloud as well.
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    2022 New Year Resolutions related to photography?

    Interesting. I guess large lenses may seem scary to some. I don't do much in the way of street photography but I do like my prime lenses when something of that sort arrises. A 35mm or 50mm lense are short, light, and not overly intrusive. For scheduled events I like my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8...
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    Photography Enthusiast Survey (Opinions Wanted)

    I used to be a member of a group I found on We used to get together occasionally at a coffee shop and discuss our latest outings. One guy good pity and mentorEd me for a while. It really helped me develop.
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    2022 New Year Resolutions related to photography?

    Like you, get out at sunrise and sunset. some of my favorite pho are long exposure, I want to do more. create more photo ops for myself.
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    Asus PA248QV vs PA278QV

    I just bought the 27” version and wouldn’t look back.
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    Studio Music

    The few sessions I did I brought a speaker and encouraged my subject to play some music they are comfortable with. If, on the rare occasion they don’t have something, then I play some music from my personal playlist. Hopefully in the theme of the shoot.
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    Portfolio help?

    Multiple portfolios. Commercial/advertising is way different than portrait. Take the portfolio you need with you. Always lead with your best photo and end with your second-best photo. I am not sure that editorial and fashion are compatible with portrait work. I would have a different...
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    I have thousands of photos unorganized and duplicated. Help on organizing please!

    We can only share our experiences. What the OP ultimately decides is strictly up to them. When I started, all my photos just dropped into a Pictures directory and a date-stamped subfolder like 20211129 -- I use CCYYmmdd format. Four years later I upgraded my camera and took a look at my mess...
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    Is DIY BS?

    I will say that I bought a lot of my stuff. One may, however, make some pretty good DIY projects. I had my wife sew some plain white and plain black fabric to make me a backdrop for small objects. I've used a work light to illuminate a large space where my speedlight would not work well and...
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    Enlarger for a Novice-Intermediate Photographer's Bathroom Darkroom

    You bring back some memories of when I used to develop some of my own stuff. It was rare for me to do enlargements but I routinely developed my one negatives and made contact sheets for evaluation. Usually someone with more experience made the prints but I did make a few. Good luck on your...
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    D3300 upgrade

    Your camera is fine. If you want to chase gear, look at lens improvement. I like my old primes because they are smaller and lighter than the zooms. They allow me to move quickly.
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    Nikon D3000 Astrophotography help needed

    There is no one setting. There is a lot that goes into night photography. Time of day, dusk provides more ambient light than the middle of the night. Localized light pollution if a factor. The subject such as taking pictures of the sun or the moon give off more light than a moonless night...