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    First of all You have the courage to take such a pic's and it's really important too. Those people have their own sad story and come from all classes from cleaning streets to high educated. As the world is getting harder and harder more and more people have to live on streets.The number of...
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    Macro Mad

    I'm sure your neighbours get used to it . Once I lay on my belly crosswise a path to take this shot : when people asked me: are you well ? Some even stepped over me. keep on shooting
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    Macro Mad

    Number 1 the Spider is the best. What is that red "stuff" :?:
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    Some of my favorites...Let me know what you think... :)

    You sure have a good eye for photography. yeh that big C :?:
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    Fuji Velvia?

    What DLC says is true . A friend of mine uses Velvia in a " photocage " with studioflashlights in order to photographe birds with very much succes. Sells a awful lot to bird relating magazines in Europe....But he would be pleased as well as other velvia users if a 100 Iso velvia comes on the...
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    Craziest thing you ever caught on film?

    Usualy 2 dogs have 8 legs I only see 6 so 2 are :?: or it must be one dog with 4 :?: or :?:
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    Fuji Velvia?

    I think the film is great for landscapes if You use a tripod or an other support like your arm to a tree or whatever is close to reduce vibrations. The film is also very good for a studio using flashlights I think it really doesn't matter the aperture as long as the exposuretime is right...
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    Another from the mini studio

    If You want to compair analog and digital pictures You have to shoot and show both .
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    What kind of film have You used neg or pos Fuji or Kodak or ...... Negative films could handle a few stops differance ( I think) The pic looks a bit grainy so I think You used a slidefilm :?:
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    pasting pics to you messages

    Considder an account in it's free to 10 Mb
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    Craziest thing you ever caught on film?

    here is the photo. To me it looks like one of the legs on the small dog is stuck in the other dog. I count 7 legs (with the front left leg on the big dog hidden). Someone must kown this story :?: :oops: I count only 6 legs.I even used my fingers and still came to 6. Have You...
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    Try to crop the second a bit more and see how it looks like so those eyes look become even more impressive. Your cat or a borrowed one :?:
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    Hoverfly...I think!

    Nice such a posing hoverfly. I've asked the creature to give You a bit more time and Yes very nice. Best Regards, Mr. Bee :lol: P.s. Watch Your L....... :wink:
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    Here's another Bee for thee

    How did You shot the Bumble bee :?: I am pretty sure about the plant and I'll look forward to recieve some of it's seeds but let them ripe before You distroy the so hated plant :!:
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    Here's another Bee for thee

    Not Too bad man. Those Bumble bees are fast movers and if (You) are focussed it is hard to keep the background in mind. Sometimes they sit just for a second. BTW the plant ,is it a Verbascum ?? Your own place ? neighbors ? doesn't matter .collect some seeds for me .Please.