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    Sunset on the arm C&C

    Thanks for the comments all.
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    Sunset on the arm C&C

    No filter : CRW_7687 by 'skimo, on Flickr Tobacco GD II fitler: CRW_7691 by 'skimo, on Flickr To much cloud? Are the tracks to distracting? CRW_7708 by 'skimo, on Flickr Same spot, different framing and tighter crop.
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    C&C please

    @The_Traveler I just read a more detailed response you had about wanting the OP to give shot at creative criticism of their own work, much better explained then in this thread. Really, imo, is a separate subforum or meeting for it. I learned a lot from a similar group before realizing now that...
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    C&C please

    I am with GhostDog on this one. When I post some for C&C I want to hear your opinion on the shot, not to renforce any ideas I had on it. I want to hear from a completely different perspective/voice so I can learn from a wider range of people. Does not mean I have to agree with your comments...
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    Spring Break Picture C&C

    I like where you were going with this one but I think a better framing would elevate this photo. I dont like the branch in the lower left but you can't really crop it as you would have a branch sitting right on the bottom of your shot. As well, the background vertical branch is jarring and...
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    Assortment from over the weekend CC welcome

    Flower - I like the contrasting color but the light is not good on this one. I imagine this was taken in the middle of the day with harsh light instead of early or late? My eyes just get lost in the shadows.
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    Pets of the TPF!!

    Jack Jack Attack by 'skimo, on Flickr Cody Cody by 'skimo, on Flickr Qivliq Speak softly by 'skimo, on Flickr
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    Instagram username.

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    Another one for C & C: *****willow!

    I agree on the focus being good but the background is too distracting. With this, have you tried going B/W with a selective color to separate the foreground and background? Not sure that will completely work but might help.
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    Surface Tension

    I agree with LaFoto , I like the second image better.
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    The Arm C&C

    Thanks @Demers18 Nope all of these were shot with the Canon 18-55 len @LaFoto it is good to be back
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    A couple of simple mountain shots

    i find 4 striking but feel it is just to washed out to really keep my attention. Not sure if it is the texture or the color within that is striking but I just want a little more. There is something there though.
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    Rupture in valley

    I like the fence, just wish it was not as close. I think if you were back a bit it would provide a good foreground interest.
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    The Arm C&C

    1. CRW_7499 by 'skimo, on Flickr 2. Playing with the different lines CRW_7545 by 'skimo, on Flickr 3. CRW_7535 by 'skimo, on Flickr 4.Not sure on this one, does not seem to flow to me CRW_7505 by 'skimo, on Flickr 5. Could not get the angle I was hoping for CRW_7576...