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    Spreading the do people find your business?

    does that work for new clients? pick up a phone book and call them to see if they are interested in a family portrait? :D
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    random DIY carpentry question for the studio

    So I want to put a swing in my studio for portraits, the ceiling is a drop one so I cant attach the hooks directly to that, and I rent the space so I dont want to put massive hooks in the walls leaving 1/2" holes. the plan is to build a frame out of 2x4's on both sides of the studio, and run...
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    Poison Ivey

    I didnt see any, and ive never had a client get poison ivey before. :)
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    Poison Ivey

    Has anyone ever had a client claim they got poison ivey from their portrait session with you? How did you handle that? :)
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    Had A Heart Attack Today.......

    I have a brother all in one inkjet printer for my model releases and contact forms, I pay like $1 a cartridge on amazon for their non name stuff. Works great for me. It does clog faster than the brand name stuff though, I dont use the colors that often and those clogged on me in no time. When...
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    Spreading the do people find your business?

    What kind of charities do you focus on? And how do you find them? Ive been trying to find expensive charities in the area but im not really coming up with anything, I only hear about a few after it happens.
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    what are the perks of belonging to PPA?

    I dont see the point of being a certified photographer, 2 out of 3 certified photographers in the area have closed their doors, people dont care about that. sure its good in that it gives you more knowledge and tools to work with but in the end, it doesnt give you a bigger paycheck.
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    what are the perks of belonging to PPA?

    What are the perks? They list some on the splash page but I was wondering what they really have to offer? Ive heard they offer free legal advice, but I don't see any mention of that on their page. Ive also heard they offer limited insurance, but again I don't see any mention of that. I...
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    has anyoen here tried artisan slate?

    Ive been tempted to give them a try, and I was just wondering if anyone here has tried them?
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    county fair display - hot and humid conditions - would you use canvas?

    Weird, my mispelled gliclee in your quote says ink jet printing. did you change that? :) What does FTFY stand for? I know most acronyms but not that one. :)
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    county fair display - hot and humid conditions - would you use canvas?

    Its a small booth, sometimes less is more so im more showing off my style of photography and what I do than what I offer. I will have some books and albums on a table to draw some people over to show and hopefully make some small talk with. Plus a portrait giveaway contest. :) And I am...
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    county fair display - hot and humid conditions - would you use canvas?

    I have a county fair display coming up this September. Its a large barn type building with about 5 or 6 huge doors that are open first thing in the morning. In the morning its pretty damp, then in the afternoon and evening its pretty hot. I am hoping to get the spot I had a few years ago that...
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    5D MKIII or 6D...

    If money wasnt an issue Id buy a few Canon 1DX's, but since most use this for business and you have to justify the expense I bought the Canon 6D and im loving it. I had a 5D classic before that and the 6d was a huge step up for me. I use center point focusing so the 200 focus points doesnt...
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    need recommendations for ipad app to collect customer information

    I want to go digital for my customer information form, but I am having trouble finding an app that will do what I want. I dont want it to use my ipads contacts since it will get lost with thousands of other people. I want the information to be kept in the database or spreadsheet of the app...