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    Jenna (Modeling Shoot)

    Nice work, both of you!
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    Jacqi's Senior Portrait Session

    My favourite is the last one. I'd like to see more of that style.
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    Maternity Session(s) - Part of a series

    I started at about 2.5 months, just as she was barely showing. It's been fun and we have a lot of great shots.
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    Maternity Session(s) - Part of a series

    Great series. I'm working on a similar project documenting the entire pregnancy to babies first month. Due dat is May 27th. Really nice job you are doing on this one!
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    Cute Couple.

    Enough said about the light. The B&W ones compensate for that and made a nice change. I like the heart idea but take a bucket with you and you can then scoop some water, splash it on the sand to get rid of old footsteps. Clean sand works best for these shots. I really like the pose in the...
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    Maternity Session

    Thanks! I think posing for maternity is much harder than for portraiture because there are not a lot of ways of shooting this that hasn't been done to death! I'm always looking for a new way to show something. Lighting is certainly one way of doing that.
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    First Engagement Shoot

    The important thing to keep in mind with hands is that they must be attached to an arm. This means no holding around the waist from behind as it would appear that there is a hand 'growing' out of the other persons side. Top picture, look at the mans right hand for an example. The other hand...
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    Maternity Session

    I used a 2X3 softbox slightly behind the subject to achive the 'rim' lighting. There is also an umbrella on the right side behind a bit also. This created a bit of bounce reflection from the white walls which washed the dark areas to give just a bit of detail in the shadows. Thank you all for...
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    Maternity Session

    No, we had all the heat on as well as the fireplace. I'll look closer at the original, thanks!
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    Maternity Session

    I'm very new at this sort of work but it is proving to be a popular style so I'm trying it out. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Beautiful Senior!

    I like them but I too also have a problem with the angled shots. I don't do them myself and really can't see the appeal. Just a personal taste issue perhaps.
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    First Engagement Shoot

    Looks great but I would watch hand placements. His hands probably should have been placed better but for now you could clone them out. Other than that I really like the shot.
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    Brandy & Trent on location

    Number 4 is my fav, for the reasons stated already. The shots do look a bit warm but I don't have an issue with that given the 'fall' theme.
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    Indoor Brandy and Trent

    Good B&W shoot! I'm going to check out your outdoor one now.
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    The Beautiful Rebecca

    A very nice series. I love the dress, very nice. My favourite is nuber 7. You do excellent work!