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    Motocross action.

    Loving the flag captures in the background! Excellent shots :)
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    My Son

    Great shot! Settings and setup?
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    Digital Media Storage Methodologies

    For future I believe metadata by itself is just a start. I see it more like hyperlinks where the file or metadata will be connected spatially like synapse of the brain versus a linear progression. When I think of something it may be a base of say a card catalogue system but from there it is just...
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    RedTail Hawk

    Flew into the tree next to me and was intently looking down. Grabbed a couple snaps.
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    Such a happy looking puppy!
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    St. Pat's Pups - with a simple backdrop

    All of them are perfect. Such great looking dogs! :)
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    Annapolis Waterfront

    Egos Alley! At least that’s what we used to call it :)
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    None of us have any place to complain about "How hard it is...."

    Watched a vid of an 11 year old girl getting her first pair of shoes ever today. And she lives on basically a farm doing manual labor. So yea I get what your saying. Life is crazy.
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    Popping Popcorn

    Pretty cool. Kind of like slow mo guys vids. For food it would be nice to see food/ingredients during changes (liquid to solid for instance or vice versa). For baking maybe use glass pans to cook so u can see through. How about sizzling items in a cast iron skillet Sports something like bat...
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    Pixmedics Photo Contest XV - "In Motion"

    Congrats to the winner. Great pic! Well deserved.
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    car portrait

    Came out crisp. Nice hdr pic. What lens/settings?
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    Creating a home studio for taking pictures of clothes

    This is a portrait vid example but may be a good starting point for ideas. He shows how simple of a setup you can use and a small/portable setup in case you don’t have much space. If you have a large enough, dedicated space then you can go way beyond this and his vid probably won’t apply but...
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    car portrait

    Did u try different angles/positions? For instance I like the grill up shots or the leading lines down the side of the car shots.
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    A day at the parade (pic heavy)

    Well done!!