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    Underwater Photography?

    I see two fish in there... :)
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    70-300mm Nikon lens help

    I've had the 70-300 AF ED and its a nice lens, very well made and takes decent shots, however i came across a good deal (250$) for a barely used and in great condition 70-300 VR lens and bought it. The 70-300 AF ED is lighter, smaller and very very slow on my D90, also if the body doesn't have...
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    18-55mm lens

    Keep it until you get something better in that focal range which will replace it.
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    Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens

    I bought my 50mm 1.8 off a guy with a D3000 due to the lack of AF in the lens or body. Think the guy used it twice and sold it for half price. :) yay. Great lens for the price, but I personally prefer wide lens on DX camera's.
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    are these hand straps any good?

    My vote goes for the Blackrapid straps as well. I picked up a RS Sport and I love it. I use it with a backpack, sling bag or my crumpler and have no issues whats so ever. It feels effortless hiking with a camera and lens attached to this thing.
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    55-200 vs 70-200 (Nikon)

    The 70-200 VR is superior vs the 55-200 in terms of quality, sharpness, build, AF speed, fixed 2.8F stop, it is after-all almost 10x the price and a pro lens. the 70-200 will be sharp regardless on the focal length used meanwhile the 55-200 will give you soft images at the wide or telephoto...
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    future lens

    Well I went to a store and put a Sigma 150-500 on a D90 and sadly I'm quite disappointed. Either the copy of the lens was bad or it had some issues getting a clear focus. Nice lens for the price 1299(here in Canada) but not sure its worth it due to the AF issue. Again maybe it was a bad copy.
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    D7000 or D5100

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the D7000 can do 24fps @1080... Another thing I dont quite understand is why do people look to buy a DSLR based on the movie capabilities and features... Primary feature of a DSLR is taking pictures, so that's what the buyer should look into... I know there...
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    D7000 or D5100

    D7000 hands down. I guess it all depends on the budget but If I would be to start again, I'd go for a D7000 with an 18-200 VRII. After a while I would check to see what focal length gets used the most and I would upgrade the lens around that. Just my 2c and I have a D90 with 18-200 VR...
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    future lens

    True on the 28-300... the versatility is there however it wont be much more different from the 18-200 which he already owns in terms of zoom... i think for wildlife the 150-500 is a great lens as long as there is enough light and the photographer doesn't have to track a bird at 500mm on a DX...
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    future lens

    Just thought of a relatively inexpensive super telephoto zoom lens for you.. Sigma 150-500 :) I've never used it but it seems OK for the most part if the light is in your favor.
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    future lens

    Hi and welcome to the forums. I have to say that the difference between 200 and 300 is very small however I think the 70-300 VR is worth the price and thats why I actually own one. From your choices above I can say the following: 1.80-400 VR - nice lens but personally I found it expensive...
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    What gear to take on a vacay

    Oh the great coast of BC... Lots to take pictures of, however keep in mind often its cloudy and light might not be in your favor. I suggest to bring a tripod and or a monopod depending on what youre after. What do you currently have in terms of camera and lens?
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    Whats the best way to learn?

    Practice, practice, practice then practice some more. After you feel you practiced enough, post some pictures for CC then go back to the drawing board and practice some more. Photography is a hobby which keeps on giving; the more you put into it the more it gives in return :P Also remember to...
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    Lens Choices for a Beginner

    Grats on the purchase. I think you made a great decision to get a prime and the jack of all trades 18-200mm. The only way to learn is to practice and read. Start with the manual and stop by the library and pick up some photography books.