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    PENTAX Ranked #1 in Buyer Satisfaction

    Not in the slightest. Those are just the facts. I have a Canon S90 and love it. If you read closely, I wasn't knocking Canikons at all. Why people feel so compelled to stick up for their preferred camera system by spouting things like Rex and others write is beyond me (unless Canon/Nikon is...
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    Crawford - Red and Yellow

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    Autumn photo set

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    The Forks - Winnipeg, Manitoba

    500px / Robbie Vize / Photos
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    PENTAX Ranked #1 in Buyer Satisfaction

    The weather sealing in Pentax's K-5 and K-30 are equal to the weather sealing you get in a 1D series Canon or similar Nikon. The sensor Pentax uses in the K-5 is the same as the D7000, yet the Pentax manages to get more dynamic range out of the sensor. In fact, it has more dynamic range than the...
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    My Camaro (C&C please)

    More difficult than landscapes or people? I'll have what you're smoking!:confused:
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    Why did you buy a Pentax?

    Not sure if I read you correctly or not, but I can vouch for the quality of Pentax's kit lens. It's a great performer, and would be at even double the price. Many people doubt the quality of Canikon's kits, but the Pentax kit is a keeper.
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    Sea foam Figaro

    Figaro by Gn!pGnop, on Flickr
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    Nu 4'm 4 fone cams

    I get the joke. My point was that people texted like that when phones didn't have keyboards and it was easier to text shorthand. In the past 5 years or so most phones now have full keyboards, so shorthand texting is no longer relevant. No need to apologize. You just needed clarification.
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    D800 - Full size and 100% crop - 70-200 2.8 VRII handheld

    The 800 is a fine camera. Why didn't you spring for the 800E? Moire never turned out to be a problem with it unless provoked, and it does yield a better image. Not that the 800 with the A/A is a bad camera.. haha
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    Nu 4'm 4 fone cams

    I don't think anyone gets the title because it's not 1998 anymore. Phones all have full keyboards now and no one texts like that. :D
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    I'd say this is beyond the basics...

    Societies grow great when men plants trees whose shade they will never sit in.
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    Vote needed, please :)

    The crop should compliment the photo, not the other way around.
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    Watermelon Salad

    Colours seem a bit heavy for such a light fruit as the watermelon, and for such a light meal like a salad. Sounds tasty though.
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    Trying my hand at abstract

    Pretty interesting. Did you post your allowance in your signature?