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    First Photo Excursion

    The field one is my favorite, I took it when the sun was on the way down so it was lighting up the wheat pretty well. Thanks for the comment!
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    First Photo Excursion

    That dog isn't mine. This dog was with a woman who was walking down the trail. The dog just took off towards me and I took a picture of it. It looked like it was a cocker spaniel mix. I do have a springer spaniel mix though so my guy is pretty similar to that one. Thanks for the comments!
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    Wanted: Lenses for Nikon N65

    I'm looking for Nikkor lenses for my N65. I do have a digital but I also love shooting with film so I'd like to add to my lens collection for my Nikon. If you have one that you'd like to part with I may be interested. Thanks.
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    Wanted: Lenses for Canon Digital Rebel XT

    I just purchased a Canon Digital Rebel XT with the standard lens. I'm looking for extra lenses so if anyone has one to offer I'd be interested to see my options. Thanks!
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    First Photo Excursion

    Just a few shots with my N65. This was my first attempt at taking artistic photos. Please feel free to comment and/or edit. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.
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    Newb from Michigan

    Hey everyone my name is Steve, 22, from Essexville/Bay City, MI. I've been interested in photography for a little over a year and now I'm really getting into it. I have a Nikon N65 currently but I am looking to invest in digital very soon. I will be attending Michigan State this fall to...