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    Upgrade from tamron 150-600g2 to canon 100-400 ii

    I've been really happy with my Tammy G2. The nice thing abaout it, is that you can fine tune it at different focal lenghts, using the tamron tap in console. It was a real pain in the arse to do, but it really brought out the best from my lens. Years later I heard that Tamron europe will actually...
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    Starling in flight

    Great shooting!
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    Cygnets (Baby Swans)!

    Excellent shooting. 10 is special though!
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    Backyard safaris are getting boring now.

    Great shooting bro!
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    I had to micro adjust my 150-600 G2, using their connector. It is a real PITA but it was worth it. Used the Focal software so it was a little less painful, but still not ideal. Tamron offers this service for free in Europe, where you just have to pay the shipping, but I did not want to be...
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    Long tailed Tit

    Hi everyone, have not posted any photos recently. Shot this guy while sitting on our balcony. 1st time I've ever seen one, let alone in our garden :1219:
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    UK Robin

    Great shot, one of my favourite little birds.
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    Settings that could cause missed focus?

    A mate of mine had a similar problem with his samyang on his fuji. He sent the lens back-you might have a bad copy.
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    Was lost. But now is found.

    mmmh, nice thread. This is definitely the peatiest I've had: Octomore 8.1 Masterclass Edition OMC
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    I got some exciting news today

    Excellent shot, congratulations.
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    My first Northern Hawk Owl.

    Great shot, I've not had the chance to shoot many owls.
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    Blue Skies, Blue Birds

    Wow, great shooting!
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    Safari-Pilansberg South africa

    Thank you, have a few left that I will upload at a later stage. Thank you, was actually not that far from the Botswana border. The Okavango delta, and mana pools are definitely on my bucket list.
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    Pink Flamingos!

    Excellent, love your work.
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    Leopard coming right to me

    Excellent, the old boy has been in a few fights it seems.