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    Show girls at China P&E 2011

    Amazing fashion gallery.
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    BW Couples Portrait

    both r moody pix...I also liked the coloured version of enthusiasm.
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    Fantasy Friendship

    first I like the idea of chatting...second b&w version may hv favoured the eyes to some extent....In fashion photog, the angle may work with more attn on the doubt, little bit odd.
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    please critique

    There are so many things to attend...which is the focal of attention....b&w wud hv been better.
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    please critique

    u tried to achieve something different...but the mood u wanted to capture is not there...spine bone is what mommy medic explained!
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    Russian Beauty: Tanya at the river

    Despite strong sunlight, the soft tone of the skin is catchy.....I like hard contrast pix. thnx.
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    Norwegian wedding

    first and last so cool....good series.tfs.
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    Photo of the Month June Winner - Rizsavi

    Stunning pic....every mm of the image tells the unmatching effort the photographer did...the speed, the horizon, the details of engine are most captivating....kudos.
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    Magic Light Magic Smile

    The face may be of anybody should be well defined....eyes and lips are most important and they are not well defined....the child and female photography need soft focus....tonal range of face is too white. The caption writing (jpg) is making the frame more large, mixing in black bg......Portraits...
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    c&c my couples shot please

    There is romance in the pictures with sensuality....the tall building effect pix I liked....their expressive feelings are well captured.
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    Ashlynn got a new haircut!

    I like her yoga pose....third is as good as a child tries to give a nice pose.
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    Not the normal pose

    First is different in lighting and posture....second is good in top lighting...both are good conceptualized.
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    What's up Doc!

    It is something out of rut...more creativity and different concept is seen. superb.
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    pin up pics of dany

    superior work....girl is wonderful in posing and u in shooting...thnx.
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    A Mother & Her Bebe

    Brilliant expression of mom and babe...the babe reciprocates wonderfully.thnx.