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    What a deal! 80-200/2.8

    Got mine on CL about 2 years ago for $400. Awesome lens.
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    Shots in an orchard

    These are soft and lack "pop".
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    Another Family in the Fall Leaves! BRIGHT!

    Awesome work! #2 is spot on and my favorite of the bunch. Glynn
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    Best value wide angle?

    This Tokina 12-24 f4 has the motor and is highly rated. HERE
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    Very nice. This shot made me smile. Looks like you have dust on the lens or your sensor. Glynn
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    Proshow Gold or Pics2exe for slide shows?

    Another vote for Proshow......I tried many and none of them come close.
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    I like SmugMug a lot. Been using them for over 2 years. Very professional service and easy to work with. If you want a discount on signing up here is a code for you to use "g8SwBOdyJgdfY" ( I get a discount if you use it also) Glynn
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    Charging a charged battery

    I have been shooting Nikon for about 3 years now. I have (2) batteries for my D70s and (4) for my D200 and D300. I always put them on the charger every time I get home no matter how much they were used. I have not had any failures. Glynn
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    Spartan Football... (Warning:Lots of Pictures)

    Some of these are actually quite good! You could remove the "red eye" in some to improve them. Keep shooting!
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    Would this be too risky?

    My only thought would be if you went to the local store (expensive) and physically looked and tried out the bag and then go buy it somewhere else. The store has a lot of overhead that the online places do not. These local spots are going out of business fast. Here in Oregon I know of several...
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    Anyone want to check out my Mom's site?

    I agree with dizzy. The one wedding gallery with over 600 photos (6 of the shoes alone) is just too many. There looks to be some good shots in there. I don't mean to sound harsh but if your mom is disappointed already then she is in the wrong business. It takes a long time to really understand...
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    A Family Shoot

    The bright shirts don't bother me. I would crop #1 a little tighter (not so much space above). Other than that this is a nice series.
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    New Maternity Series: Shandi

    These are awesome! A breath of fresh air.
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    Oregon where are you at~

    Another Oregonian checking in. I live near McMinnville.
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    Medieval moments

    These are awesome!