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    I'm partial to the Nikon software as it really nails Nikon colors. I use a very dated copy of LR and PS in conjunction with it.
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    DSLR lens compatibility

    You can adapt Minolta lenses with most mirrorless cameras. I use a 50mm celtic (minolta) macro with both a Sony A6000 and a Nikon Z50. They will not adapt to any dSLR that I know of.
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    Macro beginner

    I would use a macro lens, focus stack the toys and then blur the background in post processing.
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    Little Birds today

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    Lilies in Bloom

    very nice, thanks for sharing
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    2022 Blood Moon Eclipse.

    very nice, thanks for sharing
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    Goose in a puddle

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    Dragon Fly

    My favorite insect and I've had no luck photographing them. 99% of the shots I see in macro forums are close ups and not really macro so, no harm no foul.
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    Brown Spider

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    Bloom after the rain

    Nikon Z50, 50-250 @ 250mm
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    Color abstract #8

    I love this kind of stuff. Both color and Texture
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    Upgrade to Nikon Fullframe, instructor recommended D750

    Of the many cameras I've bought and sold, the D750 is my favorite
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    Nikon 105mm 2.5 or 135mm 2.8 as macro lenses

    Yes, either will give you a more comfortable working distance than the 55. I use a 105 f/2.8 micro nikkor with my Z50 (crop frame). It works well for what I use it for which is bug protography.
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    On my daily walk

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    Fly eating cake icing, 2 wasps fighting, and a dung beetle

    How in the world that thing ended up in my band room a few summers ago, I'll never know. It probably was some kids pet or something.