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    Lighting for a large white background.

    Hello, I'm going to be doing a very large group in the next few months and I want to make sure I have the right lighting. The back wall will have 10' high by 20' long seamless paper and the floor will have 20' long by 20" deep of seamless white paper. I have 2 white lightning 1800's I'll...
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    Stick with White Lightning or try something different?

    Derrel, thanks for your input on this! Color, looks, etc.. don't mean anything to me. I'm looking for something reliable and constant. Pricing I could probably see spending under $700 each right now. I probably have 4-6 800s, and 6-8 1600's. My thought was that some of the newer ones have...
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    Stick with White Lightning or try something different?

    Tirediron, things are doing well and we are growing, so I need more setups I normally like to have 2 extra strobes per setup just in case.
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    Stick with White Lightning or try something different?

    I have a bunch of X1600's that are about 10 years old, I need to buy 4 or 6 more of them and was wondering if I should stick with White Lightning or if I should try another brand? Every couple years one of them will need to be rebuilt which normally costs $55 or so, but with all the new...
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    First Time using the D3S in an Arena

    Thanks for the help KmH, should I stick with 3d color matrix or center weighted for metering?
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    First Time using the D3S in an Arena

    Its the same size as an indoor hockey rink, I'll be on the players bench.
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    First Time using the D3S in an Arena

    I rented the D3S for the weekend for an arena Lacrosse game. I'm going full frame soon and I have read a bunch of great reviews on this camera so I figured I'd go with this one since I've read it does awesome with sports events. Being that it's inside and crappy lighting can anyone suggest...
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    WTT: Nikon D7000 Body for Full Frame

    I'm looking to go full frame and I have a D7000 I'd like to trade plus some cash. I'm looking at the D3s or D800e, pretty open to offers. The 7000 has strap, box, manual, under 3500 pictures. Or if you just have one of those you want to sell let me know.
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    Resetting D7000 Picture Count

    I have the D7000 and was wondering if there a way that when a memory card is formatted that the next photo starts back at 1? The reason being after doing 1345 shots at a shoot it would be nice to start back at 1 at the next one instead of 1346 for recording purposes.
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    Indoor Lacrosse Shoot

    Awesome thanks for the suggestions!!!
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    Indoor Lacrosse Shoot

    Tomorrow, I'm going to a lacrosse game to play around with indoor sports. I've read a bunch of posts already but 80% or more have been people without adequate cameras/glass. I have a D7000 Nikon 24-70 2.8 Nikon 70-200 2.8 Nikon 35mm 1.8 So my questions are these... 1. Is it even worth...
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    Concert Photography

    Kelby Training has an AWESOME series on concert photography. I may still have them on my computer if you send me a message.
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    FS: Nikon 24-70 f/2.8G

    What's the reasoning behind the chip? How long have you had it?
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    Achieving correct portrait placement for no cropping later

    I'll probably be using strobes in the indoor arena, would the florescent still play a factor in the white balance? I'm assuming they would but slightly?