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    Flat/Fake looking images

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    Photoshop CS4 question

    I have LR2 and CS4. In general, Lightroom is better for high volume & general editing and Photoshop is best for deeper editing control on fewer images. But even with just Photoshop, you can use Bridge to edit with camera raw on multiple images, though it still isn't quite as fast as working in...
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    Flat/Fake looking images

    Quick curves mask, just lift the center of the curve a bit and mask over the bottom and left side. Maybe a slight color balance to remove the cast. Also, as stated above, fill flash will prevent this problem and balance the image.
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    Shooting people in poor light

    All ceilings are different. The height, color, and shape of the ceiling affects your flash in many ways, sometimes unpredictably. As a wedding photographer, it isn't uncommon for me to bump up my on-camera flash at the reception. For a large reception area that is poorly lit, I set up two...
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    Editing Software

    Photomatix does seem to generate some of the best results. I like it.
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    NoiseNinja - who's used it? Any other recommendations?

    I love to do stuff in photoshop myself and create actions and such. Creating an action for certain techniques can work but you have to set points in the action where you can make adjustments (like for gaussian blurs). But I have to admit that I like Noise Ninja and I use it for most images...
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    What should I charge, and Tips? - Group Family Photos

    Photographing friends and family can be a real pain. Determine what your time is worth and be honest about the potential workload. Save charity work for real charities that need it. However, when branching out in a new direction with photography it isn't a bad idea to charge less and get...
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    Understanding Histograms

    The short answer is this: it depends. The left end is shadows/dark and the right end is highlights/light. If it trails off either end, then you are clipping some shadows or highlights, depending. But that isn't always a bad thing. Generally, if all the data is at the left, the picture will...
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    How to achieve this effect in post-processing?

    In Photoshop, soft glows and hazy effects can be achieved through the use of duplicate layers with the filter Gaussian Blur (set high) and then setting the layer blending mode to something like Overlay or Soft Light and adjusting the layer opacity to the desired effect. Then there are 1000...
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    Which Digital Camera Is better??

    If you are serious about photography and only have about $600 to spend, you should get a Digital SLR camera like the Canon Rebel XTi and not some point and shoot. B & H ( has used Rebels bodies for as low as $529. You can get it with a 18-55 lens for as low as $595...
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    Removing / softening a shadow - help please

    Just taking a break from other things. I didn't spend more than five minutes on this, so it isn't perfect. But one very good method to blend a shadow is to create duplicate layers, try Gaussian blurs and/or motion blurs, create layer masks on the blurred layers, then paint in the blur over the...
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    Some new pictures

    I tried a quick clone stamp on the pole in the background for you. Hope you don't mind. I didn't change anything else.
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    What would you do to this??

    The thing that caught my eye and distracted me the most about this image was the shadow of her hair on her shoulder (her left, our right). I created a gaussian blur duplicate layer and layer masked in somewhat natural skin tones over the shadows. The harsh shadow on her other shoulder kept...
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    Preparing photos for website?

    For images going to the web, process them using the sRGB color space, but you don't really need to include the color profile with the image. Standard web resolution is 72 dots per inch for an image. As long as you set the width & height to what you want, the actual dots per inch isn't really...
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    What Nikon software to convert NEF files to JPG?

    Yes, it is Nikon Capture. It seems like you get the best color using Nikon's software (for Nikon RAWs) though I haven't tested Nikon Capture NX yet. For some simple adjustments and conversions, Nikon Capture is great. I use Photoshop and Capture One for volume conversions and edits...