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    Nightclub Photography

    #4 of that last set has that "I just took 1 to many shots of Jager and will be in a stall or parking lot throwing up and embarassing the guy I'm with by yelling at other girls that walk by". Seen it a million times. lol
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    protester behind white house, US

    Yup. Great capture. The lettering doesnt add context to your subject, it draws attention away from it. I think overall its great though. Love the beard and hair. Its what pulls the shot off imo
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    I Reconstructed So Many Eyes Today ... How to Avoid in the Future?

    Never ask a wedding party member to take their glasses off. If they are the type of person that doesnt need their glasses or doesnt like to be photographed in them, they will take them off on their own accord. If you end up with some bridezilla that has known a friend or family member her...
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    The World Through One Lens - Checking Interest (Nikon Only)

    I think its an interesting idea. I may be in for participating, but I want to see if people turn out wanting to participate. But maybe after the holidays for me, things are kind of hectic right now.
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    This is so amazing!

    lol, the length is 666, very evil!
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    Post a picture of yourself

    That little guy? I wouldnt worry about that little guy... :lmao:
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    Strobin' with some Skaters

    fantastic shots!
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    Leon and Terri

    I really like the next to last image. As for selective coloring, in almost all cases I'm not a fan. Particularly in this instance, unless the subject of the image is a patch and a blouse. Its very distracting. But everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to things like...
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    Post a picture of yourself

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    West GA

    And happy early birthday! :)
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    West GA

    I belonged to a photography club in Athens that was full of members of all ages and experience, it was fantastic. I was hoping to use the internet to find something like that in that area, but no such luck :( I'm 26, but photography buddies knows no age limits!
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    Greetings from an old frequenter

    I'd like to introduce myself again :lol: I used to be on here a long time ago but life got hectic and I didnt have time anymore, but my name is Mike. I created the screen name Hawkeye not because I like wildlife photography (which I do), but because I'm a big fan of the old television show...
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    West GA

    Is there any West GA / East Alabama photographers on here? I'm relocating to the area soon and just looking for some like minded folks to meet and greet and possibly set up a walk about. I'll be in LaGrange GA for a little bit before I probably find a more permanent place in Auburn AL or...
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    big birds in my trees

    Congrats, very lucky to have them in your back yard. More likely than not, they will come back every year. So, lucky you!
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    Hi from down south

    Hi Julie. Welcome aboard. I got your message and I'll be checking that out! thnx