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    Kaleidoscoping... (addicting)

    Link gone :(
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    Pictures at road bike races

    Oops...I saw the posted pic of an indoor velodrome and I didn't read the post very well. So forget what I said. :blushing: DanV, I tried to PM you but it wouldn't go through.
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    Pictures at road bike races

    Yes, that sounds like your best bet. Since you're indoors, you might need to go with an even higher ISO, but regardless you'll definitely have to use a small aperture for decent focus, especially if you're trying to get the whole pack. I'd get there early and take some test shots. Not that it...
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    This is unusual for me, but I love this shot. It's like a scene from a bizarre nightmare. The unease it creates for me makes it hard to look away.
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    Zoom Lens that has Macro Featured Built In

    I also have the sigma 70-300 Macro, and I agree that it's not a true macro lens. It just lets you get a bit closer to the subject. However, I disagree that you'd get similar results with the kit lens at 55mm. I don't think my kit lens would let me get close enough to make a very small subject...
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    I wish it had more DOF, but it was kind of spur-of-the-moment, before he ran off and hid. Anyone know what kind it is?
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    poor fish

    I'm guessing it's at the Inner Harbor in Bawlmer, hon. :D
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    '08 Subject Assignment #9 – THE STREET - Due April 11th

    I love this shot. Very nicely done, PerrieBelle!
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    Big brother

    Nah, I always appreciate a little CC. I'm sure the selective coloring is a love/hate point for this shot, but like my new friend Lacey Anne said, he just has the most beautiful red hair, and I've been trying to find a shot to do this with. This one is far from perfect, but I just had to try it...
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    Big brother

    I can't wait to redo this shot with better composition! It was just a quick snapshot with very quick PP, but I still think it's cute.
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    Backpack Carrying Case

    That's a fine backpack. I almost bought one until I found a Lowepro Micro Trekker 100. I only went with the Lowepro because it was all black and the Canon has those olive drab panels. (Yes, I'm vain :blushing:) You're right that it would help to try some on before buying, so can you get to a...
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    Childrens Asylum and a few extras

    I always love your stuff! It has such a Stephen King movie feel to it. #2 is incredible! Your arrest story cracks me the cops here in Harrisburg don't have anything better to do than mess with someone trying to take photos. It's ridiculous.
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    MotoX shot

    Fantastic! I love the little bits of flying dirt on the left side.
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    Catching Rays

    Very creative!