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    Photo Peeves

    opsss..peeves...sorry... :oops: why is there such a thing called photography?.... :?
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    Photo Peeves

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    wow... a photographer and a lawyer... :shock: welcome MAV!
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    pop up flash

    thank you :D i will..... :D
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    pop up flash

    :D wow thank you!! actually thats the very question that hinders me to be serious about photography. i am enjoying the pictures posted here and i cannot help but ask howd they do that? i wish i can personally come to the author and say can u shoot that again on my presence please? :wink:
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    More blur :D

    it could have been a good composition if it wasnt blurred by the cat"s motion... i learned from it...thanks vodoocat. by the way u didnt use flash there, do you?
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    its still a good shot doxx... i like the facial expression of the fireman.
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    pop up flash

    i have been hearing that most photographers seldom uses the flash... in the program mode of my camera the built in flash almost always pops up even on daylight. i will try to use manual mode now... so please help me, when do i decide to use the flash? do i have to use it on long exposures...
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    Beginner-i need help on buying a camera

    i bought Nikon 65, i was lucky it was on promo, it comes with two lens (28-80mm and 70-300mm) far so good...i just dont have a scanner yet to upload my pictures. WELCOME!!!
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    hi everybody

    nice meeting you doxx... ur always on dews' post :lol: welcome!!!
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    Time Lapse Fun

    technically i cannot comment...( i dont know much about photography yet) i love what the picture is telling...and its cute!
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    Autumn in the sky

    it fits the miss saigon theme :lol: veryvery beautiful!!!
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    Some new pics...

    i like them both... but the second pic catches more of my attention.
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    Cute and Cuddly - Yeah right!

    very cute ..very impressive...
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    What was the last thing that put a smile on your face?

    dew's posts ... makes me wanna write their lovestory! :wink: