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    Nine Months Old

    I just love #3! Very well done!
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    Portrait of a Lady

    So great! The mountain that sticks out compliments your composition very much!
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    C&C on B&W wintery landscape

    Just a trick, did it help the compo?
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    C&C on B&W wintery landscape

    Exactly why I posted this one, I have many thought about how to make this pictures compo better next time, just cant really figure it out. I was thinking if moving the fence to the other side would help..
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    B/W Chicks

    I like the second the most! Nice expression on the chicks face:D
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    Harbor Morning

    Best shot I've seen this week! Very nice! And the D70 rocks;)
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    Father and son - critique please

    Maybe you could post the orginal in the Photoshop section so others can take a shot at it. I think I might be able to let the father and son stick out a bit more. I feel they are lost in the darkness a little to much. I think it is a great idea and concept though!!
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    Make this portet pop out!

    All thanks for your input! I feel that a lot of imperfections that show on LaFoto and Solthar came up too strong. On Roberts try it looks very smooth but maybe a bit to childish Took a shot at it myself, what do you think?
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    Watch it, one shot and I'll take off!

    LaFoto! yes your are right about the equipment, I purchased a Nikon D70s, second hand and bought a Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG MACRO Only thing is, I need more time!!
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    Watch it, one shot and I'll take off!

    Thanks all, I'll be posting more later!
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    To and From Afghanistan

    Nice! I enjoyed watching it, although a lot of these aren't perfect!
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    Kinesia Deyn Photoshoot

    Truly love 'm! Very very well done, nice location on the roof! Very cool!
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    More Indoor Arena Racing

    I think all of your panning shots are better than your last one! I have never tried panning but I tell you, these already work better than your last one for me! Especially the second last! Well done, awesome colors as well!
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    Glued to my shadow

    W - O - W Great work!