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    none of you are but I am!!!

    Hence the size in shot 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be assed to lay down in the snow just for bloody Otters....... Now Foxes.... thats another story
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    Eagle on the wing

    Good grief you mean it ain't soft???????
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    Russian Steppe Eagle

    I'll get in first. Shallow depth of field ????? large apeture!!!!! THATS SOFT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful portrait!
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    horizontal snow

    Great shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Altho if I look at it with the obviously perfect 20/20 critical eye of Old Ron, the 3rd feather from the right on its beak is just ever so slightly in a minimal kinda round about technically irratic obtuse sort of off the wall impressionistic left field...
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    Corvus iridescense

    Ooh yeah!!!!!!! but a great cheaffuer
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    Corvus iridescense

    Iridescence my foot........ it his terrible editing thats done it!!!!!!!!!! :greenpbl::greenpbl:
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    Bird ID needed

    5/ Reed Bunting I hope at last people will realise that this is your normal standard of photography and all of your other posts were just flukes!!!!!!!!!
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    Red sky at night, Shepherds delight

    Ummmmmmm.......Fat Fishhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! The heads a bit blown but knowing how dusky it was I'm impressed
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    You witnessed and manged to capture a major point in history well done
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    Remembrance Day

    Number 1 would have been a deffinate but unfortunately you clipped the side of the date off. Numbers 2 and 3 are great as they show the comrades aswell. As for number 4, I think this one tells such a strong story that I feel the angle isn't such a problem and should be included. Did you get...
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    Photos: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs. Matt Vanda II Las Vegas Nevada

    Amazing quality. I hope your editor published them
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    How to lose a Championship in 1 move!!! 23 images

    Thanks, right place for a change Thanks Thanks for your comments. Sometimes the track looks like it is going upwards due to the angle the spectators are viewing from, i.e slightly elevated and away from the track and as such all shots are looking down at the bike/car showing all track...
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    4000 (plus 1)

    Stunning stuff. The Tiger shots are amazing
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    MotoGP Laguna Seca 2008

    Stunning captures. That first 1 of the Cork screw is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How to lose a Championship in 1 move!!! 23 images

    Thanks It is deffinately an advantage being able to get track side, but at the last meeting I had to hit the deck as the 2 crashing bikes were coming straight at me Thanks for the WOW its much appreciated. The track is Brands Hatch in the county of Kent in England I hope you are able to...