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    IR with a 350d

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    advice please

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    oppions please

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    wedding photography 101

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    Canon EF50 1.8 II any good?

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    Forgot XP password

    hey another linux fan :D run both on my ickle laptop Dom
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    Stupid things to do....

    number 15 ouch #16 peeing on a eletric fence
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    Forgot XP password

    the best thing to do is to take the main unit to the top of your house chuck it out the window and buy a MAC
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    Wooo GCSE results!

    congrats mate got mine as well 4A 16B 1C & 1E
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    You know its College food when:

    when it thows its self in your face
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    Check this Truck Out... PS wrk.

    nice should have wires and radials on got to love the intakes whats its got 8 elderbrookers? is that a french flattie i see :D
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    Bottle on FIRE

    perfer the last one if i had to choose but what about the old trick of gennie in a bottle what you do is put a SMALL amout of rum in the bottom of a bottle and put the lid on a leave for as day or two the longer the better what you then do is take the top off and drop a burning splint in you...
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    External HDD: USB2, Firewire, or network?

    im no expert but with out your own server and stuff you wouldnt beable to access it out of the house would go with firewire personaly
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    No word association?

    golden balls
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    New camera at last

    fank you mentos have stopped bouncing off the walls with excitment now just carnt weight for it to come